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The Flat Head


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I love the new arcs.. they're classic and original at the same time..They look even better once worn in too.

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i don't really see any great advantage in buying a Flat Head Jeans? there are always chances of ending up a wrong size..

What the fuck?

I'm confused on multiple levels here..

Regardless, we accept exchanges...

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I don't know, I for one love the new arcs. I'm definitely considering getting F310's for my next pair of jeans.

they are indeed on my list

after the warehouse contest and these pbjs

i like the casual "FH" in the arcuate

sleek branding

(i'm nerdy like that)

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No,I mean that Flat Head jeans sometimes do not give the proper size after shrinking..

Maybe you should check the pH levels in your water, and use a thermometer before you soak your jeans... mine have shrunk exactly 4.238cm for every jean... at the waist... you should try it. It's like a science...

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Anybody have post soak measurements of the 3008/380s in size 30 or 31? I am having a hard time comparing the various measurements around the 'net and want Post-soak numbers anyway.

Also if anybody has both these and Sam 5000s, how do they compare fit-wise? Is there as much hip flare with the Flat Heads?


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