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  1. Thanks -- tts seems to be the way to go, esp. since I'll be washing frequently.
  2. Hey Sufu, it's been a while ... I'm looking to pick up a pair of '47s. Can I get away with sizing down one? Or should I go tts? I'm planning to wash fairly frequently, and I'm worried about the waist measurement. Self Edge's website recommends sizing up, but the legs would be way too big if I do that.
  3. I'm looking to get back into the denim game after a few years. I'd like to pick up a pair of s0500xx and I'm wondering how to size them. I have a pair of s5000vx from a while ago in a size 35 that don't fit -- they are good in the thighs but too big in the waist/leg opening. I think the s0500 cut is better for my body type. Should I go with a 34 or 35 in the s0500xx? I plan to wash them frequently, if that matters.
  4. How are the current '67 505s fitting?
  5. Is the current run of '66 rigids still oversized?
  6. What's the sizing consensus on the 3009?
  7. What's the sizing consensus on the current "resized" 660?
  8. Is the Real McCoy's S614 still produced?
  9. APC

    I'm trying to decide between a 31 and a 32 NS. The legs on the 31 are painted on (denim leggings), and I can't get the top button fastened. The legs on the 32 are slim but not tight, and I can get all of the buttons fastened with a bit of effort. I like the fit of the 32, but I'm worried they're going to stretch too much. For reference, I measured my waist/hips where my jeans sit, and its 35.5".
  10. I'm looking for a 2010 Sorahiko in a 33. Preferably new, but I might take one with a bit of wear. Hit me up if you have a pair.
  11. Info on the jacket, mellow?
  12. I just put a few pairs of '55s up for sale at a pretty decent price. I've finally accepted that this cut just doesn't work for me.