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    Tcb jacket/Moto jeans (but also made by tcb)/ freenote t/ Novesta with geese poop on them.
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    Good evening everyone. I washed my tcb50s woolen jacket for 6 hours. And I sent it to the tcb factory for repair. Expectation and anxiety are crowded about how it will be repaired.
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    Canes Leepro M41101 / At Last / Tender / Buckweat
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    m51 liner - lvc 1870/80s(ish) tux - timberland - ikea bag full of park things
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    Impressive clouds today. Vintage watch cap Ooe Freenote Roy Vintage boots I just picked up at Viva Las Vegas. Will post a closeup in the shoe thread.
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    Pulled these all out of the repair pile, resting alongside their fallen comrades (tender 128s, Stevenson 767, red cloud r400h) who have all been too shredded and/or used for patches… left to right: tcb 40s, sugar cane 40601 “slack denim”, tender 129s. All great pairs of jeans. may I hopefully get around to fixing and wearing them in more, though they’re all in a similar state of needing new repairs every other wear…
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    tatsunosuke / Freewheelers x 2 / Pras
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    SDA - Denime - Reproduction of Found
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    A trip to Manchester (on a school night last week ) to see Pokey Lafarge play at Band on the Wall... his betrothed Hamilton Addie made a welcome appearance too
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    MF, Tender, Cushman, Camper Tender shirt and MF deets Cushman x CSF jeans.
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    First update on my Lot.220A
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    Freewheelers 1927 type 1 Freewheelers 1937 jeans Nicks moc toes
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    Warehouse 1001xx 25th anniversary
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    I've been digging some earth from one raised section.. and shoveling it to the next raised section. Exhausting!.. I don't know how Fred West did it? ...also being a kind soul, my (botanist) neighbour Mary has always admired the^ large camellia at the top of our garden so i've carefully excavated under the root bowl and i'm going to plant it in her garden In the nature of the thread.. i was wearing McCoys 003 I'll be filling the skip tomorrow... eventually i'm going to build a green oak pergola on the top section and a seating area on the bottom section.. i'll try to incorporate those vintage brass flip down seats i reclaimed from that doctors surgery which i used for the narrow boat project.
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    Many thanks to @Duke Mantee for my new belt. Working on a remodel and I've been in desperate need of a quality belt to help keep things up I might add, a broken-in pair of Freewheelers and a belt of Duke's go together like peas and carrots. Do not hesitate to give him your business!
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    Stetson Buzz Rickson L-2B white tee SC 1966 Church's
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    been a long since I never post everything on SuFu here's my personal collections after wash: 1. Buzz Ricksonz WWII Pullover Denim Shirt 2. Sugarcane WWII Type 1 Jacket 3. Boncoura 66 Jeans
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    FW Civilian Army Shirt FW 1937 Nicks
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    There was a massive downpour yesterday afternoon so i had to bag it off.. this morning my hole was akin to a small pond.. The waterlogged earth now weighs 10x as much! I had a terrible nights sleep.. my body aches in places i never knew existed.. i'm not used to proper work.. woke up early with a hangover. Zero ammount of planning went into this landscaping project.. i'd borrowed a spade from my neighbour and an old wheelbarrow from Pat, my mums friend, jesus, it was a piece of shit!.. the bucket detached from the frame after 3 trips to the skip so this morning i went down to work, got some ply and some redwood to make a longer ramp.. also made a ramp to go down the steps from the path to the pavement... swung by Wickes when it opened and bought myself a new barrow.. a Chillington Camden Classic no less. Pat's barrow is on the left I'll take it to work next week and repair it for her.. at least she can still use it for light gardening work... I didn't really want to buy a new wheelbarrow, once this shiz is done.. the fk am i going to do with it? Neighbours daughter has been banging out The Doors which has been a treat.. I'm down to the clay layer.. fkin nasty No wonder underfoot was like Glastonbury .. I've filled half of an 8 tonne skip today, it doesn't sound like much but i'm digging out solid clay, filling a barrow, walking down the path, through the gennel, down the next path, turn a corner.. down another path, down some steps to the pavement.. up the street, up the ramp and into the skip.. I layed on the grass at 4pm and fell asleep .. the rain hitting my face woke me up.. pfft! Having a beer.. not drinking from 3pm , i should avoid another hangover tomorrow Hopefully Hitoshi Tsujimoto doesn't ban me from his Instagram.. My repairs are holding up pretty well
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    new FW 1937 thanks to @JMS Rise will take a bit of getting used to. They’re 1.25”lower in rise than the s601xx that I’m usually wearing.
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    kuniyoshi-san's beautiful roping on my sda champloo. true to his word in that classic miza thread, the hem fold is thin.
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    Warmer weather means less layers and simpler fits. Denim Fisherman's Cap Orville Peck tour tee (Thank you Memphis!) Cheap leather belt with jewels Vintage Wrangler 13mwz Rag & Bone boots
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    Chet Baker in Milan, late 50s.
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    Barlesoni Homburg Vintage denim and satin vest (no tag, handmade?) LVC Eyeball tee Vintage belt and buckle I&W embroidered bandana Levi's 501 Grinders Western boot

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