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Samurai Jeans


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these are back on rotation for fall/winter:


'talk about natural indigo jeans having reputation for retaining their color, these mofo doggedly latch on to their indigo like a pitbull. 1.5y/o = 8mos [approx effective wear] = x8 soaks = n0 wash.

it's prolly how the yarns were weaved so tight together__ every after soak, the damn jeans seem to reset back to almost new condition__ like having bigtime focus/attention disorder, lulz. but, i'm not complaining. it means that i'm getting my money's worth. all i know is that, everytime i put them on, i'm banking ataris [a few strikes @ a time]__ payback is when i decide to wash.... muuuahahaha!

How is the stitching holding up on those?

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If I understand correctly, those have LHT on the right leg, and RHT on the left leg. Same idea as on the Americaya x Samurai s610vxj. I wish they were a different cut. Oh well, I know lots of sufuers love the 500 cut.

So like on some SDA? Interesting.

I think the 0500 is a great cut and not often enough used. Some alternation after all the S5000 Element models. What would you prefer?

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These were the first lht one side rht the other afaik (http://item.rakuten.co.jp/americaya/s610vxj/). I was pissed when I missed out on the last 33 like 2 years ago (lol). I'm pretty sure the 23oz SDAs came after these.

Interestingly, if I recall correctly, it's better to put the lft on the left leg and the rht on the right to ge better whiskers. Both the s500JX-LR and the s610vxj have it the other way around though (:confused:).

Living in Australia has it's downsides. One is all of these beautiful heavy-weight jeans are released just in time for summer, which are hot to say the least. I don't think I'll get the 500-lrs, but the denim on the wind model is awfully tempting. May cop them and taper (I think straight leg jeans look retarded on me). My sewing machine may struggle with the 17oz though..

b_F: the 500-lrs or one of the elemental models? Or these and an elemental jacket? :P

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wooohoo, must spread before giving BF rep again :D :D

only thing I want different is golden arcs but no biggie :D

Now, THAT interests me even more than the Take5 collab. Damn you Samurai!!!


If I understand it right it is 18oz LHT Texas Cotton denim. Will come out between November and December

edit: There's something special about how the LHT is put together:

from the Samurai websho.

All in all that's the pair I wanted the Sufu-Contest Jeans to be!

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hey goi, no I'm not.. I left the day the pic was taken. next time I will def. visit the IS store and meet up with you, I was really too busy with work the last weeks!

So did you get SAT510 from Take5 ?

Now I'm soaking them.Tomorrow will start to wear them beside my IS jeans :D

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I'm considering a pair of Samurais as my next pair of jeans. The model that the OP describes as their loosest cut has a smaller thigh measurement than my size 34 Denime XXs, which fit my thighs perfectly. Now, I noticed this pair on BiG that has measurements that will work for me, but it doesn't say which model they are:


Is there a heavier version of this cut? 15 is still a bit heavier than I've ever owned, but i think 17 might be more interesting.

One final question: does Samurai make jeans that only have a tab?

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the 510 comes in 19oz but no 17oz (i think there was a 2nd collab that used 17oz denim but there most likely sold out)

Ah, thanks for the information. Do you know where I can find measurements for the 510s? The sellers on Rakuten don't seem to list the thigh width and BiG doesn't have them.

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