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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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yeah, cuff don't hem. those are grail 4 sho. perfect fit, not too tight. with a crotch overhaul(and a wash/soak now and then) they could go a lot longer. brilliant work

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Havent posted in a while.

Teaser cell phone pic.. just washed my gap skinny selvedge jawnz. I crashed on my bike, so i had to wash the blood of the inside, and now i have to patch the knee hole. i'l take better pics after they dry, either today or tomorrow.


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My Sam 5000vx just out of the wash and dried overnight. Fit pics for those interested.


I don't know if you need to cuff, but I would definitely pull them up to your waist so they don't droop so much. This is most likely what's causing your crotch blowouts. These jeans were meant to be worn around your waist, not sagged.

The jeans turned out great though and most people ain't got the balls to last 1.5 years in denim. They are already on their 4th pair by then.

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^^ i've only washed them once, i think.. soaked once before. kinda forget. lol

but i bought them April 2009. I dont wear my jeans hard though, if i did they'd be wayy better by now. i just need to get a job and buy some real jeans again. being jobless blowz.. Studio D'Artisan here i come.....

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after 3ish years of not much wear cause i didnt like the leg shape, i chopped the legs off my yamanes at the start of summer, 6 months lots of wear a couple of washes they have barely changed,, guess ill have to be meaner to them next summer





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My imperial dukes size 28 worn for about 8.5 months? Had to wash these back in January because an asshat thought itd be funny to spray me with a fire extinguisher. Ridiculous crotch rip recently.






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