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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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How's it going everyone? I haven't posted up pictures of my dry bones in a long long time. I hope they don't disappoint. I have worm these for 1 year now. Soaked 2-3 times and washed 3 times. Color is off because i took these with my point and shoot. Sorry for the picture overload!








sorry for the picture overload ???? Thank you for the overload - these are fucking insane !!! I mean , seriously, look at those combs ...

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Repost from the flat head thread, but here are some pictures of my 4001's at 13 months. In the picture they only had the initial presoak. Now they are 19 months old and i only did my first cold wash about 2 days ago. I don't have pictures of them yet but here they are at 13 months, any suggestions as to what i should do?





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cross post from iron heart thread..

purchased in april 2008, worn for a little over a year straight. then rotated with 634SR and SEXIH07bks. i wear these the most though..

excuse the picture quality im not a photographer






i'm pretty short but didn't care to have them shortened..

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those are amazing man. helping tear me towards 634's when I really should get a 15-17oz pair. too many people stop wearing their jeans too early imo, the real evolution doesn't even start until the second year!

thanks, i don't think i could ever stop wearing those. well, at least until they are unrepairable.

after wearing iron hearts i don't think i could wear lighter denim..

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Sugar Cane 55s worn for around 5 months. As you can see, they were washed constantly. They've shrunk beyond the ideal fit so I only wear them occasionally now. They're a bit darker in person.



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The oneculture jeans from way back. A friend for whom they fit better than me is wearing them well. :-)




I'll keep an eye on them. They are turning out rather nice, and more importantly, have my friend extremely enthusiastic about the concept of dry denim. Nothing like a little denim missionary work, heh.

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