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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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Levi's 501 STFxx, also in the levi's stf thread.

1 year, 3 months, 6-7 handwashes.

The red/purple/green color is due to some friends thinking it'd be awesome if my jeans were tie-dyed. Red just happens to show up better i guess. So like the white weft is dyed red. Whatever, they look like shit from the back, but they've kind of grown on me.

Color is pretty accurate in first pic.

Oh you leakin'. It looks like you had your period in them. But besides the embellishment they look good.

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x-post from sexsufu thread

its the end of the contest and we are almost on the 3rd page!!!

ill post my pics, they're really bad. couldnt figure out the right way to take a picture of em...and it was hella windy the past few days here so it made it even more difficult. so these will have to do. cuz ill always have them to look at :)

i have had a great year in these jeans. they've been with me thru my college graduation, a lot of drunken nights sleeping on a subway, a few nasty slams while skating; and trips to canada, japan and the philippines. and they've been with me during my whole year (2 more months) while i've been teaching english in south korea. i had actually planned on wearing them longer....but 2 more holes formed at the crotch, and ill just wait till i get back to cali to send them off to get professionally fixed. it was a sign from god telling me to get to work on my momotaros hehe.

i included pictures of the sides of the jeans cuz i think thats the one thing that is somewhat unique from the rest of yours. i have side calf fades. chalk it up to being terrible at skateboarding. they've hit water every single month ive had them, or at least it averaged out to be that way. 2 soaks 10 washes. worn everyday till november, when i just wore them to go skating.






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take it easy greasy! sir you might've just won this contest. gotta rep for side-of-calf fading, i've got a shitload of it myself. i'll post some 6 mo. denime pics in about 2 weeks just for you.

i hate tye-dye jeans, but the STF are faded damn nice. ..

oh yeah, eddie the wife is doing much better. thanx

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Eternal 864s


(personal red tab mod:D)





660's (contest) #116

Comparison from a while ago on BiG site: http://blueingreensoho.com/site/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=184&Itemid=51

to now...



what up

somet 008 sz 28' date=' ~9 months wear



Dang! Must learn to save Rep for this thread. Inspiring stuff.

if somet had a cut that fit me, i would be all over it

Word. Waiting for that mythical new straight leg 003 cut from them with a 10" rise...

fucking sex right here shit looks great!

Word x 2

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please excuse the recent postwhoring..it's all in the name of denim pr0n.

also the lighting is a bit shit and i didn't bother adjusting colors in pshop.. i'll get better ones with daylight.



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^^^ Thats an awesome comparison shot. Keep it up, man.

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So after 6 years of lurking, here's my first post: all the denim I have worn thus far from most recent to oldest.

All of these jeans have 8+ months wear without wash, some have 1 wash and others are yet to be washed.

Sorry for the image heavy post, I hope you guys enjoy them.

Naked & Famous Wierd Guy Blue in Green 21oz. Special Edition






PBJ 005



APC New Standards



Levis 501xx


can post more detail/fit shots if anyone wants:)

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