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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

Guest bed

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i guess i'm a little confused as to why he wouldn't be allowed to wear the pants he wanted?

You might be thinking it's a way bigger place than it really is. The place he works at is just a small like, local bakery for our suburban area, nothing serious or whatever. Great food though, my favorite is the caramel apple bread.

Most food prep/foodservice places will have an outside garment and laundry service (like a restaurant's linen service). Food preparation places should and probably are required by code to provide clothes, headgear and aprons to those working with food. Regardless of the size of the place. Those same dirty work clothes are then laundered by the same service and clean ones provided.

It's totally unhygenic to allow staff to wear their street clothes around food prep. I wouldn't want my nurse wearing scrubs with last weeks patient blood on them.

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X-post from the Skulls thread...

Skulls 5507xx 7x6 denim. Worn most days for a few months... (4, 5?);



You can see the abuse that the custom Corter wallet has wrought on the back pocket;


Then thrown into the wash with this;


Will post post-wash pics when I get around to taking the photos.

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Nice progress. Info on the Capital E's?

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11 months, maybe 9 months effective.

One soak at two months.

One wash at five months.

One soak at 8 months.

and one wash yesterday.

I adjusted the exposure for some of them, the second picture is probably the best representation of the colors.





I sit for classes all day. It doesn't look good at all in real life to be honest haha.



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X-Post from sexfh thread to join the evo thread archives.

SEXFH05 size 29 , 9-10 washes, 15-16 month total wear.

After the final wash:



Sad ...i cant fit into them anymore. Thought I throw up one last picture of them before them rest in the dark.

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The journey has ended for this pair (or maybe just begun?). It's been an epic year in my life and this pair has been through literally all of it, save maybe a couple days for soaking and washing. I'm really proud of what came out of it, and to me, that's more important than anything else. Thanks for the support guys.






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you do realize that people all over the world check this forum...

sometimes i get frustrated w/ some of these questions being asked on the forum! - rep

On another note, this is one of my favorite threads! :)

Where you live it's already past April 5, 2010? Weird. This dude lives in the FUTURE!!!

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