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  1. # 38 IH 634 SR Final Evo Pics
  2. the popeye impression photo is awesome
  3. That would be really creepy but hilarious at the same time
  4. flashers aren't always cardboard, they are often cloth as well
  5. baseball fan here
  6. couple more, last pics till the finish
  7. Ok i'm in for the contest jeans... already submitted my deposit.
  8. Will the 25oz busters have measurements more like the 21 oz indigo one, or the sbg one? the normal indigo ones have thigh measurements that are too tight for me.
  9. i'm open to the idea of a competition specific jean, and I think it is a cool modification to the HWC theme; however, depending on the cut(s) available i may or may not be participating
  10. sign me up for round 2!
  11. Couple iphone pics, so mega doesn't kick me out of the comp
  12. #38 IH 634SR around 14 months now edit - fixed white balance
  13. really really nice dingo
  14. Yeah, I've applied obenaufs a few times.