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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

Guest bed

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almostnice, why do you need to bend down so much?

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having small kids and being a welder requires it.

anybody wants to come up with the usual joke now?

Gay!!! Do I win a prize?

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There is nothing wrong with indirectdeletes front fades. Jeans are suppose to represent our life. He can put whatever he wants in his front pockets if he wanted too. Its his jeans, not yours.

didn't say there was anything wrong with it, just saying I wasn't a fan of it. personal preference thing yknow? just like how some people like having that circular patch thing going on in their backpockets, but not everyone likes looking at those. you get the point.

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How's it going everyone? I haven't posted up pictures of my dry bones in a long long time. I hope they don't disappoint. I have worm these for 1 year now. Soaked 2-3 times and washed 3 times. Color is off because i took these with my point and shoot. Sorry for the picture overload!








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