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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

Guest bed

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Iron Heart 634SR 21/23 oz


5 year anniversary

birthday JAN 7

closing in on four months (probably three months wear)

finally starting to get broken in. they were more like cardboard than denim when they came out of the package (could stand on their own)


+rep for the citty cat...;)

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Yea, with a paint pen

Hah compensating for buyer's remorse over not getting Sams?

PS on that note, PAT those look tasty. Attempted macro shots are a bit of a phail but the jeans look good. I wish I didn't already have two pairs of denim in rotation, or I'd snap up a pair of 710s in a heartbeat!

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Long time lurker, but I'm bored and sick at home, so I figured this would be a good time to share. :)

Samurai 5000vx. sz 29. Lots of wear. probably on average 3x a week over 18 months. One initial hot soak, 2 washes, about to go in for a third.

Crotch blow outs galore, right knee is starting to go, pockets are all starting to fall apart. I think it may be time to retire these babies soon.





First pic and last pics are probably the most accurate colour, contrast turned up a wee bit on the ones in the middle.

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My Sam 5000vx just out of the wash and dried overnight. Fit pics for those interested.





Big difference with the natural light. The blue really pops as opposed the pics last night were everything was greyish....it might have been due to how filthy they were before going into the wash though. Gross.

Aho, you're right, there is some indigo left, I'll probably keep wearing these for a while yet. I just have to reinforce a few things to make sure they last till the 2 year mark!

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Thanks for all the compliments guys. Much appreciated. These will continue to get worn, but now more in rotation with my Imperials and Oni Blues, which were kinda neglected once I got the sammies.

Jeff76--those are beautiful. You're not at two years yet? How far along? It sure looks like you're close to that.

surly - the sams are ~18 months.

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