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  1. Came across it randomly on Wednesday. really cool stuff and the guy there gave a ton of details about each piece. I really like collection 3's womenswear only snapped one pic of the reflective skirt
  2. it's pretty bad. i had a really hard time getting through it and i have no idea what eminem is doing right now. the kendrick song could've been good but turned out to be incredibly disappointing as well
  3. is that jr smith???
  4. i have 2 pairs of acne max cash. 31 in the old cut and 32 in the new cut. i guess 1 size up for the new. really though, acne jeans are not worth the money retail. get them on sale
  5. minimum wage in new york is only 7.25 man. idk what it is where dovo is at but i would say not far off
  6. youre going to hawaii...why do you need jeans?
  7. that reminds me of the time a homeless dude threw a piece of fried chicken at me. he missed but my first thought was wtf shouldn't he be eating that?
  9. tonight i got some girl to show me naked pictures of herself on her phone by offering to pay for her drinks. she agreed but the drinks only came out to $20 because i know the guy at the bar
  10. my neighbors cat sounds like a screaming just scared the shit outta me
  11. i like how she bends over for you and you take the pic and post it on the internet
  12. blacked out last night and threw up in my room..i didnt even know and now its 3 in the afternoon and im hungover as shit omggg...