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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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sexyyyyy 10char

Try to avoid quoting the whole picture series if possible.

APC NC 8 months, one wash. Crotch is blown out, taking em to Self Edge SF this week to get fixed.

Let us know how that goes. I'm interested to hear feedback on their repair services.

Sized down alot on these, so the button broke about 3-4 months in,

I've found a few places online that sell replacement button sets (hammer-on rivet kind). Like these:


These are for suspenders but would work fine too...


I busted my top button on my Momotaro and Gordon was kind enough to scrounge a leftover Sam button for me. Wonder if SE might be able to help?

Consistently amazing stuff as always today. Man!

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Thanks for the love everyone.

I have had this jin since May 2006. Its 4th year birthday is coming soon. As far as how much wash.....I think I have it washed twice a year. Seven months will be the longest time that I keep it out of water.

I mean after the first year. You pretty much don't care as much.

"Just Wear IT"...haha Nike slogan

P.S: I just drop off my pair in SESF. And picked up a 3sixteen 28 SL-200X!

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My boy is a little over 6.5 months into his BSPs with one wash...

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