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  1. slim black jeans (chat edition)

    Super Black Iron Hearts 9301s To much staking maybe>?
  2. Bicyclettes

    Rode with some people in the city, took shots of us with our bikes. wear the same shit everyday concept
  3. Bicyclettes

    riding my bike without tape for 2 years, no problem here...
  4. Top played song in your itunes

    Man man Van Helsing Boombox http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-7i6fw5luy&feature=related
  5. I told my brother he was adopted, and went on telling him why and giving evidence as to why this was true(it wasn't) also told him that he was an accident and that my parents fucked on newyears and got preggers.(Hes born in october) i was pretty young when i said these things, i was an asshole
  6. Post Your Pets!

    why is it so jacked looking? you put weights on it ?
  7. Bicyclettes

    my frame broke couple weeks back, so my local bike shop hooked me up with a frame they had at the shop, had to get new crank+front COG as my old one was rubbing, was riding 52 17 now on 46 17 riding is like a breeze now Photo was taken by a friend of mine as he was walking past while i was printing resumes inside.
  8. Superawkward

    to busy facepalming
  9. waywt caption edition

    fatties need love too
  10. Superawkward

    Saw this guy i know on the street, told him i was going to get some beer then eat a BUNS burger. So his place is across from buns, and where i get the beer is like 4 doors down. I was biking so we said bye, my friend goes to buns and orders the burgers and i go get the beer, i walk in to the store, theres just him, the clerk and I, he looks at me and says AWKWARD, so i go get the beer and he waits for me to pay and stuff, then as we are walking out he like asks me if we would like to come drink and eat at his place. I say maybe and leave. He lives with my old roomate who I don't like to see.
  11. Hair Thread

    I shampoo only once a week at the most, I just cut my hair so ill probably end up doing it even less since i don't use any product. Before i cut i was using a pomade product and still only shampooing once a week, i would shower regularly(like every day or every other day) and wash my hair with water+comb it in the shower, then re apply product after i showered. for those who can't stand not shampooing, maybe try a dry shampoo, also are you guys conditioning aswell?
  12. Breaking Bad

    ^ i agree, we will just have to find out, shouldn't the questions be is walt or jessie going to cook meth anymore? how are they going to get back into it, find someone new, work for themselves? I always felt that Mike and Walt had an understanding, even when Walt went to ask Mike to hand over Gus. the good thing is they announced that the show ends in 16 episodes if im not mistaken, split into 2 seasons.