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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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x-post fron D'artisan thread

just some pic's of my 103's ive had them about 18 months and ive worn them about half the time . i can never get the colour right ,there darker in real life , i realy need to invest in a new camera (my last one broke into about 8 pieces after i droped it)



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Samurai S0500

Had 'em a little over 6 months. 5 months of wear time cuz I'm still giving my BSPs some love.

2 Initial Hot Soaks/Machine Dry






Some Detail Shots :



Arcs coming off and rivets coming through, as well as intense fading along the ridges of the back pockets:


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if you dont mind me asking what sorts of activities do you partake in to get those massive fades after 11 mos....

it looks like ur a full on rancher or something haaaaa

salaami does nothing but wears his jeans. i believe hes a carpenter (?) and probably plays with his kid everyday. we all need to learn from him, which would be to just wear our jeans. 40 washes, he doesn't baby them, he just wears them. Good job salaami, would rep if i could!

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ok, ok it's nice being the talk of the town and all that jazz, but here's the story:

my regular dead-end job is @ a tobacco warehouse. we process phillip morris cigs(don't smoke the marlboro special blend, just trust me). that's where from time to time we have to palletize cases of smokes, and drag heavy-ass pallets around all day. hence i get a lot of quick lap/thigh fades, but not defined whiskers. the pallets are wide, so they give even wear. i work on the side as a contractor from time to time since i need the $$$, plus my mother and her husband are both class A contractors. so i always get the dirty work. this means fast fading, since i always try to wear artisanal repros like they are 30 buck walmart jeans. i'm trying to master the ''i don't give a shit'' fade...how hard you wear the jeans is much more important than how often you wash. jeans fade due to wear and abuse, not water! as for how the japanese wash, i follow the miki-san(mr. fullcount) steez, which is once every week. sounds extreme for a sufu head, but it hasn't done me wrong yet. so by the end of this contest i should hit near 100 washes. i use lye soap, or bronners, old school soap for old school jeans;). to be honest i should've sized up one on the 1108s, but i learned my lesson, and i got a w30 in the denime which is basically a w29 in the 1108. just one size up can make the difference.

thanks for all the rep and pub lately, i love you fuckers:o cheep and beatle are the reason i bought my first pair of MiJ jeans.

va ain't got many denim-geeks, but we got gordon, lendo, TV shooter, and me(the token black guy;) so we ain't doin too bad! poopslush, where are you?

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