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  1. official break up thread

    yeah push that bitch off yo. awhile ago i was posting in here about how my girlfriend dumped me, and we were split up for a month and i felt awful, then we got back together, dated for like five months or some shit, and she dumped me again. for the last month of our relationship she basically just treated me like one of her friends, never showed affection yaknow, and when i brought it up she just cold blooded dumped me again. she was saying all this bullshit "ohh you're still my best friend blah blah blah" and i wasn't having that again so i just bounced quick. haven't seen her really since it happened, and out of the blue she texted me so we could exchange the shit we left at each other's apartments and we both agreed to do it at the end of summer. i just found out that the same day she was texting me about that, she let herself into my friend's apartment building (one of them joints with the keypad) and since my friend wasn't home she left ALL OF MY SHIT with my friend's neighbor who we have never met before. what the fuck is that? i'd understand if it was like, two pairs of socks but there was irreplaceable shit in there. champion crewnecks that my bubby gave me and shit. so in shorter words, my ex-gf is mad dumb, and i have also pushed her off the pedestal. feeling good bros.
  2. Superawkward

    because the screen looks better from certain angles. don't be a cock, take your fitted off bro.
  3. Superawkward

    i had similar shit happen to me, except it was with my blackberry in a lecture of about 90 kids. fumbling around in back and i accidentally hit the 'play' button and never gonna come back by gravediggaz comes on so the grym reaper shouted "BLACK WOMAN!" and everyone started staring at me. w
  4. official break up thread

    it's just difficult to cut ties with someone you've spent every night with for the past two years. i can't fucking sleep, i just lay awake and try to imagine her next to me.
  5. official break up thread

    yeah i'm with all of you sad dudes, cameron said it right.
  6. official break up thread

    what do you mean? what did i do last night? just drank too much and ignored her.
  7. official break up thread

    hah yeah, her (small amount of) friends suck. all got boyfriends or are beat.
  8. official break up thread

    fuck that man, sounds like a bitch Last night I got hammered at this kid's apartment for his birthday, had a great time, met a ton of c00l pe0ples and shit. After a couple hours there we dipped to another friend's party and were more low-key, drank some more and was real fucked up at that point, everyone's having a great time. Then my friend turns to me with a serious face and says "Hey man, _____ is coming over, if you want to leave we can leave." So I'm thinking what the fuck, not to sound selfish, but these aren't her friends. She never talks to any of these people except she used to talk to the two kids i went there with when we were dating, but they don't really want anything to do with her now. I honestly have no fucking idea how she found out, i'm pretty sure she's just trying to get under my fucking skin and it feels super shitty. Not only before did it suck when she didn't seem upset (post breakup) but now it's like she's trying to shove it in my face how happy she is. I'm going to lose my fucking mind, I feel like I have no sanctuary without her trying to fucking crawl into it. This whole situation has made me really cynical and bitter.
  9. Perry Bible Fellowship Saved My Life

    fucking love pbf
  10. Photography Post Vol. 2

    jesus christ dude that HDR shit is too much. you look like a corpse in that last picture.
  11. Hotels in NYC this week.

  12. official break up thread

    Yeah I feel you on that shit, but I'm not trying to hang out with her at all. I feel way too bitter towards the whole situation to try and chill with her. It just seems like she has no ideas of boundaries, still trying to communicate with my friends from home and be a part of my friend circle. I've been doing bad ass dude shit all week haha, it's awesome not having to worry about a girlfriend. Spending all my money on trees and coming home at like six in the morning and shit. I just really don't feel like talking to her at all, so idk, digging my own grave with not telling her i want more space I guess.
  13. official break up thread

    My girlfriend of two years broke up with me recently. Shit sucks a lot and she seems fine, totally not upset at all which sucks a lot more. She doesn't realize how upset i've been and she tries to act like we're still best friends. When she broke up with me she said all that standard stuff like "You're still my best friend here blah blah blah and I hope I don't lose you completely blah blah". That shit fucking hurt. Now she has been messaging me and shit thinking that everything is okay and we're best buddies again. She's been commenting on all of MY friend's shit on facebook (sounds childish i know..) and even stepping on my fucking toes in some instances. How do I tell her to fuck off without literally telling her to fuck off.
  14. Photography Post Vol. 2

    no, it's not really tilt shift because you're using photoshop.
  15. Ma·ri·jua·na

    not true, i grew bagseed outdoors last year for my first time growing, and i got some dank bud from it. the yield wasn't to spectacular but there's always next time.