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On 3/13/2018 at 1:33 PM, Yoshiii said:

Okay, just received a delivery of the dyed Boris x Salomons. I've been told there's a couple of styles delayed but we have received two colours of the mids.

I shall put quick images below of the two colours we've just received. If anybody is interested feel free to let me know. We can proceed through Paypal.  The shoes won't get online until the beginning of next week, at the earliest. There's a good chance some sizes might sell out by then so I thought I'd give the guys here that are interested a heads up. 

Sizes are; Bamba 2 Mid Archive Green - UK 7.5 (41 1/3 / US8) UK 8 (42 / 8.5) - UK 9 (43 1/3 / 9.5) - UK9.5 (44 / 10) - UK10 (44 2/3 - 10.5) 

Bamba 2 Mid Desert Beige - UK 7 (40 2/3 / US7.5) - UK 7.5 (41 1/3 - US8) - UK8 (42 / 8.5) - UK9 (43 1/3 / 9.5) - UK9.5 (44 / 10) 

Price is €wrong Posted EU / £wrong Posted UK / €wrong Posted Anywhere Outside EU




Quoting this as I was kinda way off with the pricing. Completely slipped my mind that these come under mainline BBS so the pricing is different.

My bad. I'll update with the correct prices shortly.


As for the two above questions, I think some mystery is exciting? So I won't say too much. But the cost shoe be similar to current season dyed Bamba's. Delivery dates come down to BBS and when they are ready to ship out. They were really late this season with some stuff. So winter could be as early as July or as late as September. I can't recall usual delivery dates from Boris of the top of my head but I wouldn't be surprised if it was later than July.

There wasn't much black at all but there is a real good selection of colours going to be available for FW18.

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Got my Bamba 2 Mid today from @Yoshiii. Took only like 5 days to get here from halfway across the world lol

I'm a US8 in pretty much all Nike models and the Bamba 2 in US8 fits me just fine.

If I want to be really picky I guess it's slightly roomier compared to say, a Flyknit racer in the same size, but definitely don't size down for your first pair, just to be on the safe side.

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+1 Black Bamba 2 highs from @Yoshiii (cheers!) with very quick delivery from across the pond. Also went with 1/2 size up because of my wide feet (same as my flyknit racer size too) and found it a little roomy, otherwise very happy with fit.

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UK 6.5 and 9 orange bamba 2's


Ink clothing has the green jungle boots up among other things in a few sizes too

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I've got a few hides of the dyneema leather inbound to me presently. Hoping to play around with footwear a bit... techwear moccasins!

Will share my findings when it arrives.

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On 04/09/2017 at 9:17 PM, naashi said:


Terrex Agravix

Terrex Agravic


Picked these up just after they dropped, quality is awful just due to poor choices of material. Gore ripstop through the body is annoyingly loud to walk in and much too stiff, also delaminated from the rubber rand after about four wears. Currently covered in mud under a pile of wellies in a farmhouse.

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13 minutes ago, piece keeper said:

Is it finally water repellent at least?

Looks like neoprene or something, they also don’t appear to be vented like the last ones so hopefully.

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15 hours ago, danii said:



New silhouette called the "Nordic Hybrid" or the Bamba 3. Depending on which line it's under. Different colours are split between mainline BBS and 11 by BBS.

There's multiple colour ways coming out, that will be split across different deliveries. First delivery should be soon(ish).

As I did with the previous release I can update this thread with pictures and information. If everyone is interested?

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