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  1. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    Okay, here goes. This is our first delivery, we should have another arriving by the end of this week with more styles. So far we've received 3 colours of the new Nordic Hybrids / Bamba 3's.Two dyed variations and the original colourway. I'd say they fit slightly smaller then the Bamba 2's a lot of you guys own. (The highs) You could go TTS but I'd personally recommend going half a size up. If it helps I went TTS (UK10) with the Bamba 2's. They fit my left foot perfectly and are a bit snug on my right foot. The Bamba 3's TTS (UK10) fit my left foot well but are too tight on my right foot so UK10.5 is better for me. Now, as for prices and sizes here goes; PICTURE 1 - BAMBA3 BLACK DIP €520 Shipped within EU and €440 Shipped Internationally UK7 (EUR 40 2/3, USA 7.5) - UK7.5 (EUR 41 1/3, USA 8) - UK8.5 (EUR 42 2/3, USA 9) - UK9 (EUR 43 1/3, USA 9.5) - UK10, (EUR 44 2/3, USA 10.5) PICTURE 2 - BAMBA3 BLACK DYE €520 Shipped within EU and €440 Shipped Internationally UK7 (EUR 40 2/3, USA 7.5) - UK7.5 (EUR 41 1/3, USA 8) - UK8.5 (EUR 42 2/3, USA 9) - UK9 (EUR 43 1/3, USA 9.5) - UK10, (EUR 44 2/3, USA 10.5) (WOMENS / SMALLER SIZES ALSO AVAILABLE) PICTURE 3 - BAMBA3 BLACK €475 Shipped within EU and €405 Shipped Internationally UK7 (EUR 40 2/3, USA 7.5) - UK7.5 (EUR 41 1/3, USA 8) - UK8.5 (EUR 42 2/3, USA 9) - UK9 (EUR 43 1/3, USA 9.5) - UK10, (EUR 44 2/3, USA 10.5) - UK10.5 (EUR 45 1/3, USA 11) (WOMENS / SMALLER SIZES ALSO AVAILABLE) Any questions, feel free to ask.
  2. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    Okay, so we've just received a lot of boxes of BBS. It’s pretty safe to assume that there will be footwear in there somewhere. We haven’t gone through it yet and we may not till Monday now. I thought I'd give a heads up, I'll be posting more information shortly.
  3. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    Quick update for those that are interested. BBS x Salomon's should be arriving this month. Around September is the usual delivery window and I believe they've now started some small shipments. Hopefully I'll have an update shortly.
  4. Acronym.

  5. Acronym.

    Excuse me if this is a silly question, but are these legit images? The first two could pass, they look fine and seem to portray a similar concept to the previous ACRNM x Nike video. But, that last image... I don't know. The logo / font looks off and that's just a poorly lit Errolson's head over a still from the Kendrick Lamar music video? Which I could see being quite funny / "memey" considering the title of the song and how people have taken Hugh's behaviour lately.
  6. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

  7. Acronym.

    Sorry to disappoint but these are the real images. The mock ups / leaks were just peoples guesses. I was told a few months back that the shoes would be patterned and quite colourful.
  8. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    Hi, I'm assuming you're referring to the Salomon Bamba 3 and not mainline Bamba's? If so, I haven't seen anything of it. At least not yet. Personally, I couldn't really imagine it happening. For it to be a mid, they'd have to remove the sock like upper which would really take away from the shoe. I don't think they would do that. On another note, the sock like upper does seem to be very inspired by another shoe we all love. Nonetheless, they've executed it rather well.
  9. Acronym.

    I'd heard that at least one was patterned. Not sure if it's a repeat of the Vapourmax pattern though? Originally slated for an August release but got pushed back till September, I believe. Similar release date to previous Nike releases.
  10. Acronym.

    Which one of you kind souls bought me a J72-DS? But congrats to all that managed to pick it up, looking forward to reading and seeing some feedback / fit pictures. Only piece of SS18 that was going to tempt me.
  11. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

  12. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    Just a quick update. Archive Greens sold. Desert Beige still available. Still waiting on an update regarding AW18 pairs
  13. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    I'd say don't size down. Go true to size, maybe even size up half a size. (I use Nike's average / usual sizing as a base for TTS)
  14. Acronym.

    Edition in Omotesando Hills have carried a few pieces of Acronym. Maiden Shop in Harajuku too.
  15. Bags, backpacks, duffles, messenger, slings, etc.

    First of all, good job on this Dani, the bag looks great. Can someone tell me how much it retailed for? And @danii will you be releasing more? Think I might have just found myself a new bag.