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  1. Didn't think there would be much interest in the BBS footwear. If anyone's interested here's some more images of the F/W line up.
  2. More images of the rumoured Gore-tex NMD's. Seems they've changed the sole colour. If they release a black upper with a white sole like in the earlier images I might be interested.
  3. Could be interesting
  4. Could be interesting
  5. Yeah, that's my issue with Nike ACG the black is never black. It's always night/ dark blue. Only thing that stopped me buying last seasons cargos
  6. My bad. Didn't consider the possibility that they could be referring to UK / US chest size. Kinda misleading on a size guide for trousers, though I'm guessing it's a universal size guide they use across the website.
  7. Follow the second size guide, the first looks way off. The US / UK scales are completely wrong
  8. Damn, looks like I've missed out on the cap. I really wasn't expecting it to go that quick.
  9. Thats great, I'll be getting the cap then. On a side note, am I the only one that doesn't like the shoes? I appreciate the design and thought that's gone into them but I think the shoe itself is rather ugly.
  10. Man, it doesn't look like but if the "flap" is detachable I'll love this. Though, I don't think I'd look as cool as I do in my head
  11. A big thanks to @chunglove Good to deal with, quick responses and the item is in fantastic condition. I'd happily buy from him again.
  12. Any chance of anyone in Europe selling a J1A-GT in Medium? Or anyone outside of Europe selling one for a price that isn't ridiculous?
  13. Asking the important questions
  14. Still the looking for a J43A - M