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  1. ^ Spectusshoeco? Saw these and thought they looked pretty cool, I wonder how comfortable they'd be for daily wear?
  2. Man, this is hard, I don't think I can name a single item. There's too much I want / would like. There is stuff I want more than others and things I'd be fine with never owning. I'm just really into product (as I'm sure most of us are here) and like owning stuff. I'm a big fan of / appreciate anything that's well done and well thought out. So there's a lot that I want for a lot of different reasons.
  3. An obvious post as the shoe has been advertised everywhere, but it really is nice in all black
  4. Maybe in a different colour way?
  5. Yup. I must've missed it by minutes, how annoying. To make it worse, they're being resold on grailed already
  6. Has anyone watched the product videos on the 5.11 website? I'm semi convinced they are satire. I've had a good laugh at a few of them, maybe its just me.
  7. I'll take a black M. The olive shall remain a dream
  8. Zara at it again with the original designs; tech foot wear sorted.
  9. ^ That's interesting, I've been wanting a waterproof sockdart / mercurial superfly for a while. Fingers crossed it looks nice, in real life / on foot.
  10. I'm hoping they look a little better in real life and the lighting isn't doing them justice. Kinda disappointed at the moment but I'll see what they look like hands on
  11. So they finally announced Stone Island x Nike Sock Darts; just waiting for the images to be released now
  12. Bumping this. Looking for both, more so the J36
  13. Just so you know, I have pm'd you
  14. Thanks for the reply. I noticed a typo whilst looking at the sizing information on one of the websites, gave me hope that a large would be good for me. But I think the medium would be best. Seems there's hardly any jackets popping up in medium at the moment
  15. Could anyone give me their views on how the J43A-GT fits compared to the J1A-GT? I know the fit block is different but any information would be great. I.e did you take the same size in both jackets? While the J1A was fine in length, the sleeves were too long and the chest was too big which caused the fabric to bunch loads on the back. Thanks guys EDIT: Never mind, I think that was just a little wishful thinking. I'll just keep on being patient and hope someone gets back to my wtb post