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  1. Yoshiii


    While that can be true for some garments (it can also be disastrous), I find items that are constructed with some amount of movement in mind and ergonomic patterns don't always follow this rule. Rather, sizing and measurements can sometimes be deceiving. Example; many people measure from the seams this doesn't exactly work on a jacket with "abnormal" construction. If I was getting MTM I wouldn't be consulting the kind folks here, I'd be discussing with the tailor taking the measurements for my shirt. Yes a number of sizing questions my be redundant but asking the opinion of someone with experience with said item can give good insight into how a piece fits. Surely that's reasonable? Thank you.
  2. Yoshiii


    Hello all, quick sizing question; Anyone got the J61-GTV? How did you size? If it helps I'm 6ft2, with a slim build. I have a J1A-GT in Medium that fits, albeit it's a little snug. I originally felt the large was too big so sent it back and opted for a medium, though now I may try and track down a large again. Anyway, the medium J1A is a little snug in the shoulders when layering and could do with being a cm or two longer but it fits and it's wearable. J56-GT in medium was a good fit. I tried a friends J53-GT in medium and that was too small, I'd need a large in that. I'm stuck between either medium or large. The fact it's a straight fit, relatively relaxed looking jacket makes me think medium will be okay but I thought I'd get some input.
  3. Yoshiii


    Just finished (skim) reading all pages dating back to October last year, I haven't been on for a minute, it's good to see this still going. Definitely the older users. A question if I may, opinions and reviews of the Infinium (-fo) fabric? In hand colour (it changes quite a lot depending on the photo) and durability? How well, or poorly, does it age? I'm not sure what it is but there's something that's really attracting me towards the J46-FO but I go through mood swings in regards to the fabric. Anyone got the J46-FO and could share their experience with the piece? Any information would be great. Fit pics would be amazing! Thanks.
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