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  1. You always make Veilance look so good
  2. Where I work stocks them, I think the store may have one or two left, £95. Though, I think there's only silver available now.
  3. Not going to lie, I've looked at that a few times (It's saved in my bookmarks) and wondered how cool I'd feel dressed like Jensen
  4. The actual collection doesn't look at all similar to Cav Empt. Retailers have had to be really quiet about this but yeah, as it says above it's releasing soon so we'll get to see it better. From what I've seen (which isn't loads) I'm not too impressed, the design doesn't look too thought out. It looks like they've got carried away with the aesthetic and made stuff that looks functional rather than actually being functional. The idea behind some of the branding in the collection doesn't impress me too much either. We shall see though, hopefully I'm wrong
  5. Shame, facilities to produce something decent and they just have to copy stuff. Need to get one of these Chinese factories producing some stuff for me
  6. My apologies if i'm mistaken but they are black? Are they not? I haven't seen this season in hand yet but they look black to me and the Y3 site lists them as black?
  7. Thanks, I'll check it out
  8. Anyone got / know of any good reads regarding anatomical garment construction / pattern making? Anything on the science of creating garments with a better range of motion?
  9. As suggested above Teatora is quite nice but I'd rather go with something from Minotaur, they do some real nice pieces.
  10. Would anyone be interested in a White Mountaineering Gore-tex Parka, Black, Size 2 from SS16? Brand new without tags. It's never been worn, it has just been sat in a garment bag since I purchased it. Retail was roughly £650 / 700, looking for £300 o.n.o I'll try and find some pictures online shortly.
  11. Typical. Just paid for something and two J43A's come up for sale straight away. Anybody need a kidney?
  12. These two? They grey certainly has gone into production. I'm also quite sure the b/w has too. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the size your after. However, if you are unable to get hold of them soon I can check if they are available and special order them for you. On a side note, here's some acg;
  13. My bad, read your post as you were waiting to see what colours there will be. Which colour / pair are you after?
  14. I'm guessing you're referring to the new season Salomon boots? As oppose to the SS Speedcross. If so I can post pictures tomorrow of all colour ways that will be available.
  15. From Errolson's Instagram stories earlier, bags / modulars? I'm guessing the "ACG" on this pattern may just be a coincidence and not related to the Nike sub label;