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  1. Any chance of anyone in Europe selling a J1A-GT in Medium? Or anyone outside of Europe selling one for a price that isn't ridiculous?
  2. Asking the important questions
  3. Still the looking for a J43A - M
  4. Not bad. Not bad at all
  5. It's an interesting place. The following gave me a good little laugh
  6. I reckon the J47R will grow on you. I'll even help out by buying your J47
  7. I don't think it has an escape zip. Doesn't look like it in the photos and it's not listed in subsystems section
  8. Might as well add to this. WTB: J43A or J47-GT (the original) both medium
  9. Damn, that was quick. Missed out on the J1TS. Checking out on the work computer was a slower than my home comp
  10. Is it just me or does it look like the knee down isn't as tapered as previous iterations? The models left, our right, looks okay but the right leg, our left, looks a bit wide. I don't think one leg would be zipped up and one undone?
  11. I was pondering this yesterday. Though it slightly defeats the purpose of the jacket, the price point isn't too bad so it could be worth it. Do you think it'd be possible to remove it cleanly, leaving no marks? I've never removed / had something removed that big.
  12. At that price I may be missing out on a jacket this season. J47 is too much, for me personally. I would say I'm disappointed but nothing can disappoint me more than the Ghost In The Shell film just did. As it looks like I'll be saving my cash for something I really want, anyone want to sell me a medium J43A?
  13. Anyone willing to sell their J43A medium? Be a hero. PM me, I'm Paypal ready.
  14. I'll wait till I see better quality images before making a final judgement but for now I'm not sure if I like it. The shoulder pockets are great but the tec sys placement not so great. I'm not entirely sure how it could be better though, maybe if it was split in half and placed diagonally, sorta running parallel to the chest pockets. If that makes sense? Think I'm going to try the P10's, I can always return them if I don't like the way they sit. On a side note, it's great to see this thread so lively again. Even if I'm not contributing to the conversation, it's interesting just reading the discussion.
  15. Thanks for that. I'll bear that in mind. Just waiting on product photos now