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Lightweight yet still durable denim for summer?


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I've been wearing my TFH 3009 all summer in sydney. No issues for me...and thats as a canadian living somewhere hot...


My samurai 710xx DMO are a bit too toasty for me so they have only been tossed into the rotation recently and on cool days 

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I have a couple of pairs of 10oz Collect double indigo, (bespoke) jeans on order, otherwise I have 2 pairs of ISKO Diesel jeans for summer

no cut offs for me!

(unless my 14oz get worn to nothing)

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not sure if you've bought a pair already. But i recently purchased a pair of momotaro 0306-v and love the tapering on these. They're 15.7 Oz and the denim quality feels amazing. After 15-ish of wear you can notice fades on your back pocket & around the knee crease. I think without going too lightweight, at 15.7 Oz you should be able to get through most summer! (my take is... it's not like this will be the only pair of pants you would own!? you'll have shorts for extremely hot days right?) 

hope this helps. but since i'm larger around the waistline, I think my next pair would be the high taper instead of the tight taper for a more relaxed taper. Anyways, if you want a nice noticable tapering to pair with dress boots, momotaro's tight tapered cut worked for me!

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