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WAYWT destroyed my life [2016]


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... Back to the original program



FFS, post what you're wearing dumbass..


Yeah Yeah ACR bag and jacket, we can tell. But the pants?


Checkerboard Vans look completely fucked with the rest of that gear


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night ops, situation: it's windy and warm


w)taps cover

slinky optics

masterpiece brand "masterpiece sport" nylon x 3M pullover (black)

Jensen tall pocket tee (navy)

masterpiece brand heavy sweat shorts

Nike Air Force I '02

w)taps x porter D.E.L.T.A.

This made me lol. Posting the brands you're wearing will not help your fit.

"Night Ops".. Hahaha

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Yo, asshole, I don't like French people and I don't like you. Where were you fuckers in Gulf '03? I dunno but I seem to recall 10's of thousands of American motherfuckers died for your fucking freedom in WW2 and about 40,000 of my own Australian motherfuckers back in WW1. Your brother needs to buy clothes that fit. Fuck you, eat some cheese.



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we should segregate these morons to 'urban techwear waywt'

sick of seeing full acr fits

there is nothing left on sufu but utw and denim.

milfx: yeah l understand pressing the red button is such a satisfaction, l even admire the fact that you went through my posts and find some to neg! good job! now get back to stalking pageant shows with your fits.

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i heard Flipflop called your mum gay MilFX, you gonna stand for that?

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