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WAYWT destroyed my life (2014)


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waist of pants looks big but other than that this looks great

thanks. pants are possibly wonkiest in my possession, tho.

lazy to take photos so here is a description:

they're cut like jodhpurs so the waist is actually about right. what looks loose is the top block around the hips; tapered leg. waist band in question is two buttons then a fly. top button has drawstring and bottom one has belt hoops. back three belt hoops have snap buttons below them which actually holds up a giant pocket that surrounds four internal pockets--sort of a double layered pant, really. this giant pocket in question has cinches on either side so you can tweak volume, how they drape, and if the internal pockets are accessible. (there's two patch pockets on the rear outer)

cinch is barely visible in this photo:10417115_10201715257877154_335473765_n.j

from this angle my biggest issue with the pants is apparent--the huge crotch gusset tends to form a kind of tail which looks off at best imho. was thinking of having it taken in some but that might inhibit movement or affect the drape options if you undo the snaps.

also found you can pull out the entire inner section and fold it over the outer, which is what the next photo is. results in some kind of semi-skirt double backed pant. wonky and difficult but fun.

here's another way i've found to wear them, which i kind of dig actually.


v dumpy looking but is fine by me

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can someone tell me what's so wrong with the fit? i'm genuinely unsure


its boring...


The top part, in my opinion, is ok. But paired with the shorts and gats it just looks uncohesive. Like the fit has no theme, know what im saying?


Also he said some annoying things a few pages back and sufu doesn't forgive.

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hanging out w brus (LtR: bru 1, bru 2/ andrewisdope, bru 3).


wtaps commander cap

supreme riot fishtail

FPAR Fame hood (novis)

acronym p15-ch

wtaps vans

acronym 3a-5ts


this is p cool, but your choice in sizing up so much for both your top + bottom garment seriously makes you look like you're 200kg.

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