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WAYWT destroyed my life (2014)


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maude nibelungen cocoon sweater

stephan schneider cardigan
black target shirt probably
maude nibelungen knit


just curious but is that sweater new / recent?


last time i was still chatting with her via gmail about an idea and MTO piece. she then kind of dropped off the face of the earth and I never heard back. she still knitting? 


really nice sweater though, looks comfy

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no don't taper them, people don't realise that most of their taper jobs suck and end up throwing off the intended balance of the trousers. embrace the fuller hem and just get them hemmed to fall at the right length.

its a pair of uniqlo pants bro chill 

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hmm. all it was was an offered opinion to him. people should stop automatically assuming that writing out a few sentences equates to no-chill. i mean fewgale, you dress cool but u keep being the sarcastic guy of few words and i'll keep being me.


"bro, theres like 2 sentences here, u autistic or something"

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visvim 20l ballistic
uniqlo knit
uniqlo oxford
visvim 04 NW
visvim virgil


i dunno why but this jacket/upper half is making me feel uncomfortable...maybe its the shininess and stiffness combined reminds me of plastic or something

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