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WAYWT destroyed my life (2013)


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would've been a great dual-wielding sumo



bet if you went to anime expo in street clothes people will think you're cosplaying.  

if i ever go to a con with no costume and someone says "omg great cosplay of [insert character here]" it's going straight into superawkward as i attempt to process the information and explain dat hell no i'm not cosplaying 

altho sometimes i get tempted to cosplay as bosozoku jesus

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So many fucks given in this workday attire:





Piss in cup

Dana Lee

Gym socks

Dana Lee Waffles








Oh…and this is what goes on my feet when I finally get up to take a shit:







I foresee some potentially big numbers, guys.  


Do it. All over my face.


Edit: Neg game is weak today. Let's see how things go once y'all get back from school, had your snack and watched a little anime. 

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undercover ethnic rider

busted plain tee

helmut lang w/ leather waistband

céline pony slipons (only tried)


uc looks  big on u.  dont kop those slip ons, cause they not helping u look taller.

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uc's are size 1, probs too tight to even be worn zipped.

célines are nice, but i'd be crazy to cop 'em.

well either it's the pic or ur a very tiny man

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i stand 5'5, so the latter would apply. i won't comment on the matter no more, i'll leave it at understanding that the above fit divides opinion. whatever it is, i'm not looking for positive justification on here. all it is, is that i'm just sharing.

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