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  1. ervell, aa, our legacy, julien david
  2. misercordia, ervell, paldidas ervell x3, adidas dana lee, apc, bernhard willhelm ervell, proper gang, levis, reebok
  3. archival lang, undercover (no vis), facetasm (no vis), unis, Rick Owens
  4. Dropping some prices: Our Legacy shirt is now $60 Facetasm jacket is now $125 Eototo pants are now $95 Our Legacy sweatshirt is now $65
  5. Deadkitty

    coffee anyone?

    you're probably thinking of blacktop
  6. Deadkitty

    coffee anyone?

    blacktop is probably the best. check out commissary too. it's on fairfax near melrose. they have a really good rotating bean selection.
  7. Deadkitty

    coffee anyone?

    australia/nz tho
  8. super cool skirted pants from Eototo. selling these because I don't really wear them ever and they don't really fit with my wardrobe anymore (did they ever?). bought them BNWT and I've probably only worn them out maybe 3 times. construction is super solid. wooden buttons, nice & thick fabric. size 30 $110 $95 our legacy sweatshirt. it's kinda boxy and really soft. it's size 44 (fits like a small unless you're really tall or something. you should probably buy it. $85 $75 $65