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Recent Purchases. . . 2012


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that's true, cause nike didn't start out making running shoes and no serious runners have ever worn nikes

oh wait

It's all marketing man. I'm entitled to my opinion. Enjoy your +30min 5km jogs.

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Yesterday -

2 identical John Smedley Midnight Blue merino wool v neck jumpers

70% off in the sale - fit perfectly (sz XS Petite) so ticked off the wish list.

I think I have enough knitwear for 2 winters now!!!!(keep buying sales jumpers) so no more until 2014...

Today going shopping for black ankle boots...

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Ann D x3:





First two are pretty boring for Ann D but they were inexpensive and were pretty much just what I was looking for. Boots were on eBay for a really high price but with a make offer option. I put in an offer much lower than asking price for amusement and to my great surprise it was accepted. The listing claimed they were only worn twice and they're more worn than that, but I knew that going into this. The only really noticeable thing is the mark on the front but hopefully I can have something done to that.

Uru (some Japanese brand on LN-CC):


These turned out to be a surprisingly good purchase. It's the peak of the ridiculously hot and humid Texas summer and these are my new favorite shorts.

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White cotton shirt

3 identical Wedgewood blue shirts

Black leather biker jacket

Black leather buckle boots

All for winter collection..

Also bought socks in Marks and Spencer's (3 pairs- strawberry, plum, roses)

Waiting for my recently ordered jeans to arrive not very patiently...

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