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  1. jdemotion

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Selling: 3A-MTS4 in olive. Comes with two magnetic strips that can be reconfigured, and 4 MOLLE clips. $275 OBO, free US shipping.
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    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: 3A-MTS4 in olive
  4. jdemotion

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    Shout out to @Flipflop214 - great seller
  5. jdemotion

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    3a-1 Limonata SOLD
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    Thanks for the clarification, my bad! Removed the post to not add confusion.
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    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: J32-GT in small
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    any word when sale will break on the APC site?
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    Visvim Community Sale Thread

    wtb Kilgore size 1 in olive. Any condition is fine, PM me.
  11. If you live in Boston, go into Riccardi on Newbury Street... they stock sizes 26-34 in the D02.
  12. There was a ton of tailored outerwear... both single and double breasted iterations in a lot of fabrics but mostly cashmere. Unfortunately you probably won't see a lot of variety in stores as most were very pricey (3500 and up). My two favorites were the coats in look #25 and 53... 25 had a self belt in the back and the mink fur on 53 was incredible. The single breasted coats were very nice but soooo slim and narrow it was impossible to layer with anything. Standout pieces for me: Look 43 was my favorite both on and off the runway. Production of the leather jacket won't have the pins as it would have been insane money - but the non-pin version is almost a grand cheaper than the L01 and has a very slim and more cropped fit. No lapel snaps or epaulets, just a very clean design. Also look #11 - looks super plain in photos but the medium navy color on the blazer is really amazing against black and white. It wasn't shown on the runway but there's a plaid zip trapper jacket very similar to the one in AW13 that I think will be very popular. There's a D02 corduroy that I really want for fall, but I was in the store in Paris and they had them for ss15? Maybe someone else can verify that lives near a boutique but either way those are a winner in my book for winter. "Hedi's jacket" will be offered in darker brown suedes which look killer. All of the knits (especially the striped versions) will be an instant success, nice and thick with a soft hand. For footwear, I wasn't a huge fan of the creepers for aw14 but the new shape is super versatile and comfortable. Not a lot of changes in boots as I mentioned, just more classic colorways. Didn't pay a lot of attention to sneakers but there's a perforated version of the SL/10 that caught my eye.
  13. No new animations on the London jodhpur boots, they've been selling well and still offered in the usual colors. Outside of the French boot, nothing really new or exciting for shoes... fake croc and snake for the Wyatt, dark brown suede (color cáfe) harness Wyatt, and a redone creeper (more rounded toe, softer crepe sole, really nice actually). They're slowly cutting down the London collection and building up the Hedi line (30mm), as people have complained that the 20mm sole feels too thin, especially on the ankle boots. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to really look at the belts, but I'm sure they're offered in more than just plain calf.
  14. Yes, the same shape (called the French), is available in the runway 85mm and more commercial 45mm heel (compared to the Wyatt 40mm). Both sizes come in the same models with harness, straps, box leather and the crinkle texture. Re: jeans most of the samples were a 27-28, I normally wear a 27 in the D02 and tried on the runway model size 27 and they were tight everywhere. The runway pics are no joke these models are fucking prisoners of war skinny and if they're painted on them I'm sure you won't have a problem. The fabric stretches a ton - my first day in a new pair I can barely button but by the end of the month I need a belt... you should be fine just sizing down.
  15. Had an opportunity to see the aw15 collection firsthand and it's really really fucking solid. ss15 was built around the psych rock movement in LA, aw15 was influenced by the indie rock scene in Paris. Lot of emphasis on fit and proportion (skinnier, tighter, more cropped), and building around the permanent collection and new offerings within it. I can't speak about pricing but will say I was pleasantly surprised - most of RTW has no increase and shoes have decreases on many different models. Only exception is anything with pins, truly WTF pricing. Few notes: The D02 has a new offering, in addition to the regular M/SK-LW there is a mid rise with an additional 2cm in the rise (M/SK-MW) that all the models were wearing in the show. Fabric (Y869I) remains the same. Fits were a true 15cm on the D02, very skinny. A lot of the shirting is now offered in the viscose twill, slowly replacing the much more delicate and expensive silk. Runway boots were 85mm, worn by both the boys and girls. I didn't like them at first, but after seeing them on and with the "full look" they actually look amazing. Not that far off from his 65mm cuban heels at DH. I was never a huge fan of ss15, I found it too hard to pull off without a very specific look and didn't really fall well with any of the other collections, but I'll be wearing a ton from this upcoming fall.