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Anyone have pictures of sized down 1 New Cures?

uhh, I have sized down two new cures

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wats up guys, i'm not generally a forum dude but i have become quite interested in good quality denim recently and after spending (what i consider to be) stupid amounts of cash on 'brand name' denim ie 7's, evisu, diesel etc in the past and realising now that i was paying for solely the logo and not quality

anyways, i just bought a pair of apc new standards in size 30 (i wear 32 normally) and i got some questions:

i'm 5"8 and i want to get the jeans hemmed some, but i know that they are likely to shrink after washing, since i dont wash my jeans very often at all i was wondering if it would be a good idea to soak them first before hemming?

If i soak them, how long should i soak them for and in what temperature water, and after soaking will they be more 'true' to their final length? And if i do soak them will they lose the raw denim sheen that they have at present?

THirdly, the standards were just a BIT slimmer cut than what i was looking for, the 31's were a bit too loose around the waist and the lady said they'd stretch even more, so i decided to go with the 30's but the lady in the store told me that they were likely to stretch out and become a bit looser, by exactly how much will this happen, ie will it make a visual difference to how they are looking in their present state?

yea thats quite a lot of questions and i'd be grateful if you could help me out.


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Way to realize there is better denim than diesel and stuff.

They are Sanforized. they wont shrink if you soak them unless they have stretched out. We'll worry about soaking a ways down the road.

They will stretch out a ton.. many people buy them and cant button the fly all the way. but after wearing for a while, they can. Someone on here said their apcs stretched around 4 sizes. (correct me if im wrong please)

you should post picture - let superfuture decide wether they look good or not.


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Yeah, pretty nice. Or at least they looking good!

But i should not buy that... feels a little bit discusting whit so old jeans worn by another human... and you also need to be in the same size so honeycombs don´t gets up in your ass :cool:

How much will they cost?

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