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  1. FS Red Wings Beckman US 8 Black

    Greetings all, just listed a pair of Red Wings Beckmans in a size US 8D - in black. The grailed listing is as follows. Please help me afford food and water in the coming months. If you have any questions, hit me up here or thru the link. Thanks for looking! https://www.grailed.com/listings/601904-Red-Wing-Red-Wings-Beckman-US-8D-Black
  2. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Just got my flathead bsp and iron heart 301s back from being repaired at self edge New York, just want to commend Kiya and the seny crew for never ceasing to amaze me with their service and skills. The crotch was seriously so bad on my flatheads I thought they were done for, as always not only did they go above my expectations but the repair job they did Is seriously blowing my mind. Thanks again guys! Ill post some detail shots this evening!

    Mind shooting me the measurements via message? Or you can post em up here whatever works - looking mainly for the chest and waist measurement on this. Thanks!
  4. WTB Skull 5010 sz 27

    Looking for a pair of indigo skulls, would prefer they were the 6x6 model, red tab would be an even bigger bonus as well. I am mostly looking for a 27, but I might be able to work with a 28 too. Would also consider other slim fitting indigo denim, PM me with what you've got! Thanks!
  5. IC PBJ XX-007 Size 27

    Mind tossing up measurements along with the pictures? Mostly waist thigh and leg opening, thanks!
  6. Lanvin Mesh High tops Fit us 8-ish.

    SERIOUS BILLS TO PAY!! Cop these for cheap okay?
  7. Lanvin Mesh High tops Fit us 8-ish.

    Alright I don't even want these in my house anymore, just make an offer - ebay is the final destination otherwise!
  8. Lanvin Mesh High tops Fit us 8-ish.

    Eeegggghhhhhhhh come on buy these
  9. Lanvin Mesh High tops Fit us 8-ish.

    Hellooooooo is anyone out there??
  10. Lanvin Mesh High tops Fit us 8-ish.

    Arrrrrrrrrrrgh, make an offer, wear these!
  11. Lanvin Mesh High tops Fit us 8-ish.

  12. Lanvin Mesh High tops Fit us 8-ish.

    Pardon my ever so slightly pre-emptive bump, I have to get on a regular sleep schedule! Get these quick, I'm sad these are still around
  13. Lanvin Mesh High tops Fit us 8-ish.

    Alright, anything reasonable, please take these away. I'll drive them to your house!
  14. FS: Red Wing Brown Boots (US 8.5)

    Woops I can't read. Free bump, hah
  15. Lanvin Mesh High tops Fit us 8-ish.

    hey hey hey, get these so i can turn on my furnace and heat my house!