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How many pairs of jeans do you own?

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On 5/29/2024 at 11:37 PM, MJF9 said:

@swiss-jeansfreak do you have an inventory of all the jeans in your Jeansmuseum?

I have finished the pre sorting and will start the inventory now but this will take quite some time since over 14‘000 jeans and denim jackets approximately  

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Posted (edited)

It looks like my last update was 1st May 2021... added and subtracted a few since then... so I now have 23 pairs of jeans


  1. Canes M41001 (patch)
  2. Canes M41001 (no patch)
  3. Canes M41101 (Lee 30s model)
  4. Sugar Cane 1943
  5. Freewheelers 1945-46
  6. Freewheelers 1937
  7. Freewheelers Golden Spike overalls
  8. Denime Lot 220A
  9. At Last Lot 162
  10. At Last Lot 147
  11. TCB 20s
  12. LVC 33s (early 2000s)
  13. tatsunosuke / Woods Mountain USN denim trousers
  14. Belafonte hi-back jeans
  15. Mister Freedom (indigo chinos)
  16. Ooe Yofukuten x Bandanna Almanac overalls
  17. Tender 132 extra pocket


  1. Samurai 710 – Don’t wear, will sell
  2. Dry Bones x Self Edge SEXDB19 – Don’t wear, will sell
  3. Roy SF01 – Don’t wear, keep
  4. Ande Whall Caribou - Don’t wear, keep
  5. Denim Demon hair on hide - Don’t wear, keep
  6. Evisu (early 50s fit, model unknown, pre-2000) - Don’t wear, keep


  • Levi’s Red (1999/2000 model) – SOLD
  • ONI 527 – SOLD, lost by shipping company in transit

Non-denim trousers (for the record)

  • Freewheelers Derrickman
  • Freewheelers Trackwalker
  • At Last military chinos
  • Belafonte hi-back trousers
  • Real McCoys N3 trousers
  • Vintage military chinos

Sold since last update

  • Mister Freedom sportsman chinos - Sold
  • RMC ‘Great Escape’ chinos - Sold
Edited by MJF9
1) Added non denim trousers, 2) Added jeans count
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Since we're all doing updates, here is mine after a little over a year. Changes are in bold.
FW 1942 to be added soon, thinking about selling all my WH jeans if anyone is interested. I just haven't been wearing them at all lately.
If you happen to see a pair up for sale that sparks your interest hit me up, haven't properly listed any of them yet (besides the Boncoura and At Last).

Bootleggers 601XX
Bridge Of The Times MT824XX

601XX 1937
601xx 1943
S601XX 1944-45
Lot 102 Ironalls
Lot 560 1922 Overalls

LB Denim 40s

Ooe Yofukuten
1702XX Contest Jeans
Boss Overalls
Mechanics Overalls Ecru
Mechanic Overalls Indigo
OA01XX (Inspiration LA special)
Saddle Pants

Rockets 0001XX

All Duck
Big Bro CB1
Indigo Lovers
Kinda Special" KS1001
Memorial Jeans
R01 Test Lot
RS02 Nihon Menpu
Roy Test Lot 00

Sugar Cane Super Denim Collectibles 1943
YM Factory Army Trousers

For Sale
At Last & Co Lot 126
Boncoura XX
1001 Inazuma
Lot 1202 USN trousers
S1001XX 46 25th Anniversary
Hinoya 1001HXX

45rpm Sorahiko
At Last & Co Lot 147
Conner's Sewing Factory 46 1st half

Denim Base GBG001
Denime Shins
Fullcount 1101
Fullcount 1101PH
Iron Heart 634s-b
Left Field Greasers
LVC 1976
Mister Freedom Lot 64 Okinawa
Mister Freedom Lot 674 Golden Pique
Momotaro 1705
Old Hands OH15-9
OrSlow 105
Pure Blue Japan XX-009
Pure Blue Japan XX-019-BB
Real Japan Blues 105BSP
Real McCoy's 991
rebuilt.jp 1922 repro
Resolute 711
Rogue Territory Stanton
Samurai 16th Anniversary 710OG
Self Edge X Dry Bones 19
Self Edge x Iron Heart 22 663s
Stevenson Overall Co. 714 Valencia
Stevenson Overall Co. 737
Studio D'Artisan D1538XX-B
Sugar Cane Junky Special 1946
Sugar Cane 1947 Black

TCB 20’s Contest Jeans (returned)
TCB 40’s Contest Jeans
Sugar Cane Kakishibu
Sugar Cane Black 1947
The Flat Head 2111
The Flat Head 3009
The Strike Gold 2105
The Strike Gold 5105
Warehouse 1001 Natural Indigo
Warehouse Lot 1002
Warehouse 1004XX 1936
Warehouse DSB 1001XX

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1 hour ago, Maynard Friedman said:

2 jackets for each pair of jeans I reckon 

Haha less mate... I updated above with non denim trousers so proportionately it's now even less :)

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Folks, I realised we're not explicitly answering the exam question from the thread i.e. how many pairs of jeans do you have

So I edited my post above to include the actual number... 

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  • 1 month later...

I guess I enjoy a range of brands.

3sixteen CT-102xn (unworn)
APC New Standard
Denime 220A Offset XX Model
Fullcount 1101W (unworn)
Imperial SEXI26-ST
Iron Heart 633s-142
Iron Heart Duck IH-888D
Naked & Famous Weird Guy Natural Organic
Nudie Steady Eddie II Dy Selvage Indigo
Nudie Steady Eddie II Dy Selvage BLK
Nudie Tuff Tony Utility
Resolute 714 (unworn)
Roy RT – XX Experimental*
Samurai S710XX19oz-II
Studio D’Artisan SD-508
Sugar Cane Anni Edo-Ai*
Sugar Cane 1947 Indigo
Sugar Cane 1947 BLK/BLK
Warehouse 1001XX (unworn)

Imperial SEXI26-1947 (unworn)
Momotaro 0906-SP GTB

Nudie Grim Tim Light Blue Comfort
Tsubi Dee Dee Worn Grey

Retired (but kept)
Imperial SEXI14 Indigo
Nudie Thin Finn Dry Black Coated
The Flat Head SE05BSP

*pairs that are a little tight and might need to go up for sale 

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