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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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u mad

(im a part time reseller)

also that album is coming out later on black vinyl

yes i mad. The purpose of record store day was not to create a massively inflated secondary market, it was to help kindle record culture and give a boost to the relatively small and shockingly still mostly mom-and-pop places that still sell records.

If you want to resell, fucking sign up for an account and just buy the records directly or something. Or resell regular shit from the "new arrivals" bin every day. Just leave the RSD stuff alone.

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just confirming

a perfecto with something cool painted on the back

is always better than a blank perfecto right?

thinking of committing to it... like a tattoo almost, the idea of it.

i live in my perfecto, like linus does, its a security blanket

edit: can anyone hook it up with some cool painted jackets i can look at to figure this out?

just want to paint a three world phrase on the back

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went to some menswear/vintage event they had by my school, almost spent $250 on a cordovan wallet, then i remembered it was just a wallet. went to some hipster coffee shop and drank espresso, walked around baltimore aimlessly for 2 hours. i'm in the best mood i've been in in a long time. feelsgoodman.

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I deactivated my Facebook account a long time ago and I still run into people who think I blocked them and are mad/offended about it.

people are stupid i had like 650 friends like a year ago and was like fuck all these people i dont talk to them.. deleted all but like 80 people now it's always awkward as fuck when i see people i deleted it's like they hate me for it...

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