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I woke up with a bit of a cold today. Problem is I just realised this afternoon that I'm meant to be meeting a girl for drinks tonight. I feel pretty much fine but I'm wondering which is more of a dick move: to cancel a date a few hours before hand, or, to go out knowing I'll probably be getting intimate with a girl while I'm germy?

I'm totally overthinking this. I should just cancel right?

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my mom threw one of them away when she went on a cleaning rampage.

my dad did that shit when i was in highschool with a skateboard rail i had recently acquired. he's like you're gonna get hurt... im like wtf idiot what do you think i do when i go to skateparks? watch the other kids?

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not hating, just please tell me what you would possibly do with that. I don't understand art majors to begin with, but grad school? 'splain.

(no hate for real)

what don't you understand?

i assume you mean why wouldn't you major in something that directly correlates to a job? or why not major in economics or more realistically math and get on a track that leads to six figure salaries?

i don't really feel like any major really leads to a job i want to do. all of the jobs i can see myself doing don't require degrees at all, actually. and the most applicable major if any, if i have to choose one, would be art. so i majored in art. and an art major just lets you explore and get instruction in various mediums, use a lot of different facilities, and you meet (hopefully) people who are going to try and do similar things as you later in life.

what kinds of things? already in my short life i've worked as a book binder, in fashion mostly as a cutter but as other things, i've worked at galleries, studios, i've done farm work, i've done gardening. not saying those are things that exactly require an art degree, or are things i'm exactly trying to do later in life (i'm trying to be more creative than an underling. but who in any industry really wants to be an underling?), but they're the types of things, crafty things, artistic things, that i'm interested in.

i was majoring in computer science for a while, but i got tired of it, didn't want to be a programmer forever. not that you have to be a programmer forever if you become a programmer, and also not that what you do in computer science is what you do as a programmer, but you know, i'm just saying i've been in or thought about plenty of degrees that have jobs attached to them, and they're things i don't want to do. well, really i've only been in two such majors, computer science and physics.

i know i'm being defensive writing this, but i mean, who doesn't worry about the future in school, especially when you major in a "useless" degree. but you know, i trust my connections, i trust my work experience, and i trust my abilities, so while i'm young and while i can i'm just trying to learn creative things because i just want to do creative things.

and yeah, sometimes i wish i had majored in econ or computer science or math, but mostly from an intellectual level, because i think that shits super interesting to study. thinking about taking some applied math or computer sciences next year just because...

idk if you have more questions feel free to ask, i just tried to answer what i thought your implied question was

and to answer another implied question, yes i think most art majors don't know what they're doing and probably are gonna end up working as waiters forever. but thats just how it goes. not like all of the millions of econ majors end up making stacks either.

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Everybody in my city is suddenly wearing Wu-Tang Clan T-shirts, couldn't figure out why. Turns out Primark got a licence to print them.

Still, feels like its 2000 again.

true story. just last week i drove past a hipster in shorts raybans and rainbow sandals in a wutang shirt riding his bike/fixie? on the highway... against traffic like a dumbass. i shouldve clipped him

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shpongle and eoto together? that is fucking tight. things will definitely get weird haha

weird things definitely did get. eoto broke my brain then shpongle put it back together. new 3d mapping projector shit is ridiculous, but it killed the crowd vibe cause everyone was too busy staring at it like a bunch of zombies.

divine moments of truth

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