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  1. Superswap v9 - PM YOUR INFO TO TACO

    i halfway considered it <3 hope u enjoy ed!
  2. Superswap v9 - PM YOUR INFO TO TACO

    jk turns out it was not my super swap gift but mine has been shipped and should arrive in up to 5 days :3
  3. Superswap v9 - PM YOUR INFO TO TACO

    wowow am i the first to receive their superswap gift?! unfortunately i'm in indonesia but i'm having my sis open and video chat me while she does (good excuse to get that younger sibling love) tomorrow and can't wait!! shipping mine out tomorrow as well (yes i'm totally late)!! but contents are from 3 different continents so.. totes worth the wait i hope!
  4. Superswap v9 - PM YOUR INFO TO TACO

    slowly collecting fun things :) will be an adventure to ship it all in one piece... thanks for setting this up!!
  5. Cars/General Automotive ruined my life.

    me n my miata '96 NA 1.6
  6. Superswap v9 - PM YOUR INFO TO TACO

    in but i'll be shipping from indonesia this time ~
  7. Superswap V8 SPLASH (;

    glad u like <3 i know you into the animes and shiet so i opted for the ~kawaii desu~ package
  8. Superswap V8 SPLASH (;

    one of the packages i sent got sent back to me... but it was opened and rifled through? so maybe they thought i was shipping suspect things.... nevertheless... i'll ship again.......
  9. haha what? what the fuck is this??? merry christmas dude
  10. Superswap V8 SPLASH (;

    HOLY SHIT. i have not sent out yet. i have been slowly collecting things to send but for some reason i had this at the back of my mind thinking we were sending after the holidays. i've been buying shit all week for christmas gifts/family birthdays (for some reason everyone was born in december) so imagine my surprise when a my little pony box shows up. at first, i'm like, what? did i misorder something? then i see the shipping name - .. i remember this name.............. from LAST SUPER SWAP. From superswap v4 first, i'd like to say, why? my last super swap came shipped in literal popcorn. this time... crab curls. sweet jesus. GODDAMIT DESI HOW DID I GET MATCHED TO YOU AGAIN, AND HOW HAVE YOU ONE UPPED YOURSELF? from today... seriously super q can't wait to use packaging everything!!! burberry jacket A++ vinyls A+++ lots of sweets like Berger Cookies from Balitomore which i am def going to eat but really, crab curls. thx desi <3 <3
  11. eat a box of cheez-its for lunch and suddenly eeeeeeeeveeeeeeryone in the office has an opinion

  12. there was a shooting outside my office this morning CRAZY