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  1. ron ron i think you killed sufu bruh
  2. snapped this one while visiting some friends in SF this weekend
  3. it really is a fantastic thread. stop being mad, no one is taking it seriously but you.
  4. ronnel what are your thoughts on getting lips done with botox?
  5. ron aint soft for playin smash, that shit hella fun.
  6. i love the longboarder argument "it's fun to powerslide and bomb hills." it's also really fun on a normal skateboard you goons try it on a real board.
  7. i'd complain about the number of kids with longboards on campus, but i like watching them fall/struggle to push way too much.
  8. you can try burning them a little bit to make them a little more sturdy but really theres no way to prevent it... thats why they typically come with an extra set of laces
  9. used to care about clothes, now just wear shitty skate tees so i can afford all of my hobbies.
  10. this is skateboarding.
  11. i was at last nights game... sessions is definitely better than players we've had in recent history but collison outshined him so much more... i think they should run collison as starter and mccallum behind him
  12. ron ron why you so mad my dude? you're really gonna fight someone for sayin silly shit on the interweb? i'll be your hitman for you... you aint even gotta pay me just drive me to clubs in your r8 and feed me papa john's.