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Denim Repair


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This is the outer seam at the knee of my Norman Porters. I recently spent an afternoon doing some DIY and spend a significant amount of time sat in a wierd position on a concrete floor. The outcome was this small blowout on the outer seam by the knee. It's tiny, but my mum always told me 'a stitch in time, saves nine'. I recently repaired the top fly button hole on the same principal. A very few stitches had frayed and I tidied them up to be good as new. The wear pictured, would seem to require significantly more skill to patch up, but is equally benign. So my question is, could I? Should I and if so, how would I?





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going through old pics and found these old 45rpm's that sent back to them to get repaired probably 7 years ago.

sold the jeans but they did a good job with the free repair.




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My favourite jeans ripped again, this time at one of the pockets:




I could make a hand-sewn repair like I've done a few times before, but I think that wouldn't last too long. Problem is, a sewing machine can't reach this place of course, except after removing the pocket first. But then it's probably difficult to restore the stitching in the way it originally looked (with the thick threads in two different colours). So now, I don't really know what the best solution is.


Any hints?

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Hey everyone!


Here are some photos of repairs i did on my buddy Elijah's jeans. They are Levis 501XX, about six years old, very worn. More photos in the Evolution of Jeans thread.














Thanks for looking!

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Unstitch enough of the pocket to be able to fold it down and sew it. I've done it and it's not that difficult to redo the sewing. And with a pair that thrashed, why do you care about getting it to what it originally looks like?

Well, that's an argument I can't counter! So I've now done the repair that way (and patched from the inside across the entire width of the pocket).


Actually, the most difficult thing of all was to make sure that the patch remains evenly spread out while sewing it on.


The result, with the thickest yellow thread I could buy for stitching the pocket back on:



Not perfect, but still better than to risk losing your keys!

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Shout out to Darn-It!, Rain, Kiya, and Young from SESF for the quality of work displayed in the repairs they did for my Iron Hearts.


The fit, color, and overall stability of the area is on point. It feels like nothing was ever broken and the whole area is reinforced which feels like it will last for a pretty long time.


Also i did some tiny repairs on my Sammy jacket






Colored with ink






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Recently repaired a friend's pair of jeans.  Comments/pointers appreciated.


Here is the crotch.  Not quite a blow-out but was pretty threadbare.




Here it is on the inside:




One of the hem was completely stepped through.  I unstitched the hem, put in the hem of a cheap thrift-shop pair, and stitched together.  I wish I had used a different colour thread, but I ran out of grey-blue and didn't want to wait to go to the store to buy more.  




Lastly, the other hem wasn't quite as bad, so I  folded in some additional fabric for durability.  I did this side first that's why the thread colour matched better.  Exterior/interior:




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Crotch patched, and seams restitched with some extra black denim I had removed from Samurai hems:









My wife does a ridiculously good job with this stuff, to the point that it's always almost totally invisible from the outside as long as I catch it moderately early.

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Another crotch rip repair








But more repairs will be necessary soon. A couple of other little holes are already visible. However, just fixing those might not be sufficient. If the fabric around them has also worn thin, the patch or darning needs to cover that as well. Otherwise, within no time there will be a new hole right at the edge of the previous repair. One trick to determine this, is to hold the jeans against the light, from the inside. Any brighter areas you see then, are already weakened.





In this case, it's just about the entire seat area. So it's of no use to fix the little holes. Rather, at some point it needs to be decided whether it is worth it to put a patch across the whole seat.


Well, at least I think I've got my money's worth out of my sewing machine from repairing this jeans alone!

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Well, that "at some point" arrived rather quickly!




These jeans are really getting too worn out. But already from when I got them I was determined to keep wearing them at least until march of this year. So I guess it'll be the full seat repair then.

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Damn, that's some gnarly crotch damage. After only one year of wear?


Great job by Indigo Proof.



Big part was I waited a long time to get them done because right when they really should've been repaired around november, Rain had just left SESF. I shipped 'em out early Jan, and between January and November I couldn't stop wearing them. The holes got a lot worse!

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