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party pooped- love the antler/thorn shots.

bencap- amazing use of light in the chair shot. laughed at the mustache shot haha

Tabris- just said "holy shit" out loud.

thaiison- adorable shots! :]

-Z-- crazy cloud shot. personally, i wouldve cropped out the rooftops, but still good. faved on flickr!

ThinFinn- just got goosebumps going thru your shots. the bugs are disgusting. haha

almostnice- thought it was the vancouver pride parade in your photos cause we just had one. Guessing it's not cause of your location, could be wrong though. haha

Went out to shoot the other night, just thought I'd share a few.

There's more on my Flickr if you'd like to check it out.

With all the amazing work on here, feel free to add me as well!!!

edit: On the hunt for a Canon S90....if anyone knows any deals out there, would appreciate it if any info was passed over. :] Oh and also, I'm in Canada if it makes a difference. (In other words, damn customs/shipping fees!!!)







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Had a little too much to drink(smoke), resulting in an entire night of just out of focus photos. Funny how people react, post photo, when all you've to show is dots and bokeh.




Settle down enough to actually take some that made more sense (typical).




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