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Found 14 results

  1. NY Store that makes you think, not buy

    To celebrate 10 years of giving art away, I have opened The Inutilious Retailer at 151 Ludlow Street, NY Featuring legendary NY graffiti artist Adam Cost's first indoor installation, the store contains clothes bought from retailers who rip designers off, which have then been made back into one off pieces by artists. Pull the useless 1929 slot machine and use your imagination to get the clothing free, on condition that you make something to replace it for someone else to "buy"
  2. supertrash → s f g

    UPCOMING: www.kimfgarcia.com Details whenever. ____________________________________________________ PAST: Cute Shit Solo works by vanilla wafer (Kasey Williams) Sunday, November 15 - Sunday, November 29, 2015 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SFG is dedicated to serving the supertalk community as a project space for "artists" to experiment with the space of a message board platform. For further inquiries: sfgmessenger (at) gmail dot com
  3. Any art supplier?

    I would like to contact art suppliers, got a low budget and would appreciate to buy even from students (if fits my taste). I like avant garde, avant pop, futurist, hyperrealist, asian,and minimalist paintings. Any cool ideas?
  4. Shredding money!

    It's done
  5. Hey Guys. Some friends and I are working on putting out the first issue of our online quarterly lit mag. It's called BASED. We're working out of San Francisco, Iowa City, and New York. There is no word limit, although we're really looking for prose poems, lyric essays and flash fiction. Interviews would be nice, too. There's also a need for artwork, photography and graphic essays/unusual comics. I think it'd be fun to incorporate animated GIFs and short video pieces as well. So if you're interested, please send me a PM. Deadline for submissions for the debut issue is October 1st, 2013. But we're always accepting new material. Only previously unpublished works will be accepted. Thanks for reading!
  6. Superswap v7 *NEW EDITION*

    Superswap v7, hosted by a non-fraudulent person. Because I need more to do this summer. READ ALL OF THIS POST READ ALL OF THIS POST READ ALL OF THIS POST DEADLINE TO SEND PACKAGES: August 22, 2013 September 6, 2013 September 20, 2013 September 30 Setting a strict email cut off date at REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Emails sent after will be ignored. *Date subject to being shortened. Not extended. I'm not going to just assume that everyone from the previous thread will be up for this right away when hosted by me, so I will need everyone to do the following as the first steps to participating in the swap:1) Post in this thread that you want to participate 2) Email me the following information: Subject Line: Username / Superswap v7 a. Full Name (First, Last) b. Address c. Primary Email Address d. Shipping preferences (If you for some reason cannot do international shipping, prefer to be within your continent, etc.) e. Size information (Shirt, shoes, pants, etc.)* Please follow the subject line. This makes it way easier for me. Email this info to: ___________________ Once you have completed these two steps, your name will be in bold on the list in this post. You will not participate in this swap unless your name is in bold.I have no idea whether this should require a post minumum, rep minimum, etc. but really anyone can turn into an asshat or shit happens in life that has nothing to do with post count or rep. If you fucked up in previous swaps, don't even bother trying to sign up for this. I'm expecting the lot of you to keep an eye out for fuck ups too, I'm not gonna study the previous swap. So call them out when you see them. Please commit to shipping your package with delivery confirmation and tracking. Even if you're a stand up person and all, shit happens with the mail so its really easier for everyone if you pay whatever for that extra tracking. Talk to me if you really cannot do this. More steps and dates will be announced as this progresses. Lets make this a good one. Also lets try to not have any supercare packages this time around. Thinking about putting a cap on the amount of participants as well. We will see. Participants who have shipped their packages will be in green. 1. tacotron 2. OkayOkay 3. CHINESEGOLD 4. wahwho11 5. funkdoobi 6. kelleydenham 7. I wear shooes 8. merry burger 9. ADH92 10. hailxenu 11. jackg 12. eloq 13. DaBestSpoona 14. philosophiliac 15. 1 9 9 3 16. evilgeniusdan 17. Denton 18. xchen 19. kaws&effect 20. lasseg 21. albertabeef 22. Desi 23. yoallanface --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATES Update #1 7/1/13 - Registration is now closed. Stay tuned for announcements of swap partners this week. Update #2 7/6/13 - Partner information has gone out via email, THE DEADLINE TO SHIP YOUR PACKAGE IS AUGUST 22nd, 2013 (8/22/13) Update #3 7/31/13 - Deadline has been changed to SEPTEMBER 6th, 2013 (9/6/13) Update #4 8/23/13 - Deadline changed to SEPTEMBER 20th, 2013 (9/20/13) Update #5 9/18/13 - Deadline changed to SEPTEMBER 30th, 2013 (8/30/13) ...
  7. FS: Triumvir FLASH SALE

    I ship the very same day payment is received. All listed prices include domestic shipping and tracking number. Methods of payment: Paypal (payment sent as gift or add 4% to cover Paypal fee). I have sold to over 40 different people through hypebeast and eBay. All can attest to smooth and easy transactions. Feedback ------------------ $30 Shipped - Used Triumvir --- Fuck Your Clique Crewneck Sweater --- Size: Medium SOLD: Naked & Famous --- Grey Selvedge Denim --- TO: whathup
  8. Graphic Design

    Hello, My name is Grayson Hjaltalin. I have been a graphic designer for around 3 years now. I am located in northern California area and love the idea of imagery and designs. I know this really doesn't seem like something that would potently touch SuFu but I am curious if there are anymore designers out there? I would love to see some inspirational imagery whether is be logos, art, fashion and others. Even a picture of a sign of some hand painted store. Anything really I would love to see what products you have worked on or with. Also what products has designers do you use? Mac, adobe, wacom or any others? Techniques? I think it would be interesting to hear what people on SuFu are up to. Thanks!
  9. Kaihara Indigo Special Edition Europa I love denim. I can't get enough of it. I have been on Superfuture for a while and I think my latest creation out of concrete might resonate with a few of you. I am a sculptor that works primarily in concrete. I am the founder of a small design house and lead designer of a small production team doing fine art commissions architectural detail and small run production art. I also do fine art that For reference here are my websites: http://www.concretecat.com - Architectural detail http://concrete-cat-....myshopify.com/ - handcast production art http://www.mattheide.com - Concrete fine art sculpted panels ------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Kaihara special Europa is for denim heads an aficionados who just can’t get enough indigo in their life. I love indigo, it is a perfect colour that goes with everything and can look natural, vintage or modern depending on the context it is placed in. Natural indigo pigment and the gorgeous purple and crimson hues it develops inspired me to create a colouring method for concrete that can replicate natural indigo not only in tone but in the way it wears and patinas over time. We named this special edition after the Kaihara Mill in Fukuyama who has been hand dying indigo fabrics since 1893 and is legendary in the denim world for their rope dying methods and history. Just like high quality denim our secret concrete blend is designed to last forever and develop a beautiful patina with age. Treat this special edition Europa like a pair of raw jeans. If you do absolutely nothing Europa will develop patina and a rich luster just from handling and normal use; or you can buff and wax it selectively to accelerate the patina process. You start with something raw and you end up with something unique. Instruction: Buff Europa as you see fit. Just like a fresh pair of raw jeans there is some surface indigo that will rub off as it gets handled, this will last for a very short time while Europa is in her most raw state. The more you buff the more “worn in†the vessel will become revealing a deep purple and crimson hue underneath the indigo. Just like your favorite pair of jeans the wear your Europa develops is unique and personal to you and you alone. RAW - NO BUFF MEDIUM BUFF HEAVY BUFFING Enjoy! You can purchase from the link on our site: http://concrete-cat-.../copy-of-europa Or right here for $69 CAD plus $10 CAD shipped anywhere in the world. Email me for bulk orders. email: [email protected]
  10. hai guyz http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/dontshoothemessenger/m.html?item=121045357272&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 user: dontshoothemessenger fred perry and x2 vintage stussy t's (inc. love/hate) to come Thursday WANTS: lvc grey mele sweatshirt, small, last season john smedley, 'spyder' or 'hunter' silver crew knit, small Message me with enquiries References: mumma, votefornora, Hide, jake unkutt, qwing, southofnonorth, readytoignite, nf one, alleyooptroop, pretty girls make graves, cd1, xcoldricex, sycamore no more, TheGrapist, headcoat, Mike Nouveau, bluespring, Chewything, softsantear, etc...and others I can't remember or who bought directly from my ebay
  11. Viapiana Custom Jeans

    Viapiana Custom Jean, Just received my first pair of Viapiana Custom Jeans in the mail yesterday. I didn't know a lot before I ordered the jeans but I had high expectations due to how detailed everything looked online, viapiana. This was an amazing process and I got to email the producer throughout the whole process. I started by simply picking out everything I wanted. Denims, Threads, Buttons, Zipper, Patch, and other parts of the denim. Then I measured my favorite fitting pair of jeans. I used his way of measuring to make sure he knew exactly what I wanted. In a week they arrived at my doorstep! I choose these jeans because I wanted something simple, clean and had a lot of small detailing. Also I wanted something that would fit like a pair of my skate pants. I had high expectations and these surpassed it. I am very impressed with everything about what this guy does. My Jeans were: I-103RD (17oz Raw Indigo) Light Tobacco Stitching Copper Buttons and Rivets Veg Tan Patch Fit Pictures Coming Soon...
  12. Any of you guys use your artistic talents to support yourselves? Please tell us your stories.
  13. tokina 16-28mm f/2.8FX for nikon

    -will accept paypal, money order, or concealed cash (at your own risk) -$15-20 for domestic shipping, $25-30 for international -meetups are fine if they are within LA/OC area -will not ship first tokina 16-28mm f/2.8FX for nikon: $900.00USD -had for a little under half a year -only used for a couple times -mint condition: no scratches or dents -comes with 3-year accidental warranty with samy's camera