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  1. Supreme

    Does anyone know what time of day new items usually go on sale in the web store? I think I want to buy this fall's vans collaboration, but i'm not sure when exactly they go on sale.
  2. Photography Post Vol. 2

    Kind of interested in picking up a Leica M8 with prices the way they are now. Does anyone here use one and have thoughts on it?
  3. Superswap v5

    Yes. 10char
  4. Superswap v5

    I got a ridiculously awesome package last superswap. The karma needs to be returned.
  5. CRC (Color Resource Center) on 22nd at 5th Ave is a very good lab.
  6. Photography Post Vol. 2

    How often did you agitate them? Overagitation can cause grain to become a little more pronounced.
  7. SuperMeetup NYC

    Also, can anyone recommend a gym or yoga studio near gramercy park?
  8. SuperMeetup NYC

    Just moved to the city. I went to the trader joes on 14th today and it was a half hour wait. Anyone else shop there?