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While at the Sasquatch music festival over in the NW, my group of friends and I couldn't help but notice a guy that had been passed out in front of us for hours. He was slumped over so that from our perspective it looked like he was decapitated and thus we named him "Ichabod Crane."

We then decided to have a little bit of fun with him...

here are some more pictures:





Soon after the pics I woke him up to make sure he was ok:


He was semi coherent. I'm guessing he was either really drunk or on that special K. After the concert ended that night, the crowd commotion woke him up and he was able to stager with the flow of people. We followed him for a long while and even tried to invite him to the campground after parties but his reply was "I was already there!" to which my friends reply was "Bull shit! we've been watching you for like 4 hours!" We then departed. My own nickname for him was Treypod. Hope he's doing well!

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Competed in the Puma P T 3 tournament this past weekend. A bunch of creative agencies in NYC going at it with sand paper paddles.

Finals were Staple Design vs Celebrity Ping Pong Magazine (lol). Who won? Take a wild guess.

*heh, my photos made it to Hypebeast, hollaaazzz

Leica / Kodak Tri-X 400 / Rodinal

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