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Introducing Tellason Denim


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Sup Sufooz

I wanted to introduce you guys to a new denim brand that has just launched their first run of jeans in the US. These guys hail from San Francisco and have a definite passion for their work. They stopped by a few months ago to show us the first few samples of the denim and I have been patiently waiting to see how the final product turned out.

When they arrived in the studio today I threw them on immediately and was impressed on the quality of construction and the details most of all. The Strummer fit is a tad bit slimmer and lower cut then I prefer these days but they were beautiful none the less. Its nice to wear something more modern fitting as opposed to the old man 66 cuts i have been wearing recently.

A few quick details include Cone Mills White Oak selvedge denim, Tanner Goods hand made patches, donut buttons, bar tack and rivet reinforced seems and a bevy of clever details, and great price point

Here are the pics, more details and measurements to follow. Fit pics coming too.






measurements for raw


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yeah here is rauch off the blackbird site

I'm wearing em now, too lazy to snap some pics... but soon


Patch is def basic but I think they were going for more of a modern jean as apposed to a repro type cut. I think they have two more style coming out in the next few months too.

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I picked up a few pair of these at a local shop that was going out of business - one for me, one for a friend, one for my brother. The fit on me isn't quite right - the leg is a bit too slim for the waist so I'll probably have the waist taken in a bit, but otherwise I dig. They fit my brother (6'3", 180ish, size 32) pretty perfectly - actually one of the best fits I've seen on him. Looking forward to seeing how the "red/purple cast" cast 13.5oz denim fades on him. I won't be wearing mine for a while due to my current monogamous relationship with SExDBxS09.

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That good, the rise looks really low on this fit. The price point is pretty good as well. This looks like a interesting company and it's cool that theyre 100% american made, I hope to see more from them in the future

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I tried on a pair today. If I sized them so that they waist fit correctly the thighs were still too damn skinny... more my fault than theirs, but I was a little disappointed nonetheless.

I mean how are you going to sell jeans in SF/PDX that don't accommodate our bizarre biking muscles?

the denim felt great though.

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construction and materials are great...

Personally I prefer most of the 3sixteen jeans but it is probably because I am more partial to the fit...

The cone mills denim is pretty much what you would come to expect. Nice bluish cast

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