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  1. satchelbmoore

    Tender Co. Denim

    Lastly for now: 132 Woad denim: I've been loving these. Worn since the beginning of December So comfy. The woad denims aren't as fuzzy and seem to be more composed. They hold together a little better. Pockets still needed repairs. Washed and dried maybe three times. These remind me of the first pairs that showed up on the old HIckorees site when they had the genius idea to post photos of these and the 130 in woad after a bit of wear. That made quite an impression on me. It's hard to capture but these photos get some of the magic of this fabric. Also including little stack of the standard Tender denim with an unborn pair worn about a month and an unworn unborn pair on top for comparison. That's all my Tender bottoms. I had my eye on the khaki 130s for the last year or so but someone snagged them from the Stores. (I'll include the first run of woad PJs with the Calico shirts whenever I get some time.)
  2. satchelbmoore

    Tender Co. Denim

    Next up is my first pair of Tender jeans. 129 Woad size 2. They ended up being a bit small but I got some decent wear into them. They have yet to be washed. I bet they'll look when they are and then maybe they'll find a home with someone smaller than I so i can watch them continue to age. (measuring tape in the back pocket not chaw). Sorry I didn't get any details. Next is the 134 Trews in 10oz woad denim. Super soft. very comfy. beautiful. Lots of interested details all over. No side seams. Selvage in the top of the pockets. i love how the lined back pockets allow for the pocket to do its special thing. hemmed at the ankles. (my union special hemming machine did not like the fabric at all but it gave them an interesting gathered look at the bottom that i've warmed to considerably. Worn daily for the past 7 weeks. Casually before that. replaced a button.
  3. satchelbmoore

    Tender Co. Denim

    Next up: Unborn 130 Size 3. Worn Part of 2018 and all of 2019. Starting to need the usual back pocket, yoke and crotch repairs. I love the fades of the looser cut 130 over the the 129.
  4. satchelbmoore

    Tender Co. Denim

    @heyson I hear you! If @rodeo bill got a notification every time I put something in the Tender Stores cart that i couldn't quite swing, he'd never sleep. The styles are: 129 Rinsed Denim size 3: Worn very hard for almost all of 2014, 2015 and part 2016. Repaired almost every seam somewhere and many holes in the knees hips, crotch, ankles and pockets. Washed and dried every few months.
  5. satchelbmoore

    Tender Co. Denim

    it’s been a while and my first post from my phone so excuse the rotational issues but it was too good a laundry day not to get all the Tender Jeans from over the years in one place. They all need a repair somewhere other than I’ve been wearing the lightweight woad Trews (134 I think??) a lot over quarantine. What’s the denim specs on those, @rodeo bill? They are perfect for staying in while keeping your fade game going! Plus that blue! @redragon just gave us some sweet close-ups but let me know if anyone wants to see more. If quarantine keeps up you may see my calico shirt, sock, sweater, glasses, tee, or lost wax brass collections!
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