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  1. Thorns

    WAYWT text only edition

    Blue suit, slightly lighter blue shirt, clan plaid tie, black shoes. Dead look on my face.
  2. I'm a consultant and consequently I'm in suits everyday. Every day, most nights. I pay a fortune for most of my suits because I have to get them all made to measure thanks to OTR stuff all being drop 6. Paying 1.5 to 2 grand per suit isn't that big a deal when you just need a couple of them, but when you need like 10-14 in a rotation it's really annoying. (Indochino and most online custom options look like shit.) That said, brands like SuitSupply tend to look very good on me (and for $500 a pop, I'll buy all of them) but in order for any of them to fit I need to buy two suits. As Cheap or Sidney or any of the meetup old-timers can testify, in my college years I was sufu skinny. I'm now skinny fat. I wear a 35/36 jacket and have 32/33 waist pants. *Beware kids, booze will catch up you* I've decided instead of attempting to lose weight or change my lifestyle I'm simply going to find my opposite: some skinny dude with broad shoulders who also needs suit/s. So I'm putting this out there SUFU... anybody a 38 jacket and a 30 waist?
  3. Thorns


    Landlord informed my girlfriend and I that we're such great tenants they're lowering our rent by $150/mo. Life does not suck.
  4. Thorns


    I injured my knee two weeks ago. All I can think of when it hurts is how bummed I am that Chase Utley is out.
  5. Thorns

    New Dior Homme Fw 2002 Reflection Wool Coat 46

    Whats the ask price on the coat?
  6. Thorns

    waywt? saved my life

    Saw a milspex fit and instantly had a 6 year flashback to the original waywt back in the SuperShopper section.
  7. Thorns


    Hmmm, just realized that came off sounding a little racist. Point was: Its really difficult to answer questions when they're barked at you and you don't fully catch all the words in the question.
  8. Thorns


    Experienced the weirdest job interview of my life yesterday. Woman called 20 minutes late with a crazy thick indian accent I could barely understand. She immediately apologized for the fact she was having a bad day, but continued to be bizarrely confrontation throughout the call. Turns out, they changed the job after my second interview without telling me. I had initially applied and interviewed for one position in my field, they changed it to something just outside my field, but never told me. So... half way through I'm talking about what I'd like to do since its a new position when the hiring manager stops me and is like "wait... what did you just say"? Not a new position anymore, title change, responsibility change, pay change. Old position required mastery of skill A and proficiency in skill B, new position requires mastery of skill B and proficiency in skill A. I'm at the point in my career where its just completely inappropriate to yank me around like this. Even if they call back to offer it, I'm probably going to turn it down. So unbelievably frustrating.
  9. Thorns


    I just received some +rape for a post I made 4 years ago. I smiled.
  10. Thorns


    Got an interesting job offer that I'm... probably turning down. I don't want to move to San Francisco.
  11. Much love to my leather soled brethren, but here goes... I've spent the last few years living on leather. Always slipping. Always cursing. I thought that was it for me: an office-jockey life of buying beautiful preferably Italian handmade shoes only to watch them get beaten by the weather and force me to cough up more and more dough for yet another doomed pair. It was a foregone conclusion, I'd have to kill myself to get out of the cycle. Until I found you... Oh sweet sweet Vibram sole. You match my chestnut brown deerskin oxfords so perfectly. You can last more than 6 months! I don't have to cry when I see road salt. You saved me.
  12. Thorns


    Its so freakin depressing lookin at dior homme runway shows now.
  13. Thorns

    best waywt pics

  14. Thorns

    east coast SF party

    nice bump ddml I miss being a sufu regular... any new plans on a big east coast meetup? Perhaps a DC meetup?