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What Are You Wearing Today (Denim Version)


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wow incredible fireplace, my parents have been restoring our 1891 victorian for almost 30 years now, but it's not even as finished as yours is haha

Yeah, it's a never ending process... Unfortunately I need to sell it next year, but it will be good to move into a smaller house. This one is huge!

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zissou,moved myself into a 95 qm rented flat last year,which was still a great decision,i cannot help but feelin envious about your house.having two kids and only one income buying a house in Hamburg is out of question-the prices went mad up the last dekade.

had&beard: great outfit but I would skip the docs.the only thing you need to complete your look is a pair of decent boots.

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The large house has its benefits, but the costs are too much for me right now. My daughter and I don't even go in half the house, and it takes forever to clean and maintain the house and yard. Plus, the $ costs really add up. I am beginning to think that I would really save more money in the end if I rented (or possibly bought) a tiny place. As long as there is enough room for my clothes & tools, and my daughter's books & toys, that's big enough! Then I can spend my free time doing the things I really want to do, like riding my motorcycle and bike up in the mountains...

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The Docs are on their way out for sure. They were the first (and last) pair I will ever own. I am actually in the market for a new pair of boots. I'm thinking a pair of Redwing GT's in black cherry. I have also been looking at some Frye boots. Any suggestions?

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taken earlier this morning, being posted from the confines of my taxi!




eg (thanks SLAB!)


take 5 x momotaro


Lendo- Keep posting.... It saves me from having to post waywt myself..... Doing it right, wearing it right... good work.






vintage levis shirt

vintage vest

fullcount 1108's

red wing 8130


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ok, yes i smoke them pop rocks, but only with lenny, and only on sundays...

@ almostnice: my extreme bad about the kid's tour pics. i just got my job back(saving $$$ for denimes) and we are working 7days straight for a few weeks due to work load. i haven't really been online all damn week. but i have been bumping the CD you sent all week in the car! don't worry, you know good ole' salaami won't let you down.

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Neue Schuhe, endlich!


Hat: Sofia Cashmere

Jacket: Uniqlo

Shirt: Uniqlo

Ascot: Unkown, found on eBay

Jeans: Warehouse

Boots: Red Wing GT (Black Cherry)

The details:


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