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I'm aware that lindas only have one selvage seam.... but there are no such things as half-selvage... Selvage denim just means the denim is woven on shuttle looms... even if there are no selvage seams, they are still selvage denim...

My gf is japanese, she is average weight if we are going with japanese expections (but if we are going with american standards -she has anorexia)... the gieshas wouldnt work. firstly, the cut is not flattering for her, secondly 16oz is too much for new zealand weather.... personally i wouldnt go for anything over 14.5 oz here in new zealand.

Lindas are half selvedge... if sized right the Geisha IIs are nice fitting but they are slim, not skinny and somewhat low rise. See pics of my GF's Geishas from 2 or 3 months ago in this thread.

Really nice demin that's starting to get some good atari already...

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Thanks for mentioning jeanshops, but if u read my previous post... she's already got a pair :D and I have a pair as well lol, (couples jeans *cough*)

I've done some research and found that fullcount produces some denim for chicks. check it out here http://www.fullcount.co.jp/onlineshop/1901.html

as far as i know, i dont think any chick on sufu has a pair of fullcounts...

My gf currently owns a pair of jean shop women's slim, and also a pair of momotaros. she want's a new pair with requirements: 100% cotton selvage denim, lowrise. skinny cut. The only pair i could come up with is skull lindas, but that shit is difficult to find stock in sizes anywhere above size0... is there anything else out there that fits her requirements??

I really like crissy's PBJs and those Somets on this pair... but i dont think they are selvage denim... and 100% cotton... but correct me if I'm wrong

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I probably should have done this earlier - cross-post with the APC thread:

These are my petit standards after one year and four months, can't remember how many times I washed them:




Size 25 (I'm about 5'2"). I stupidly got them taken up before washing or soaking them, so they're ankle length, but I kind of like the way that looks.

dawei69, I assume your girlfriend is a lot skinnier than me, but would the fit of these APC Petit Standards be slim enough for her?

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Please forgive first two wear pics, i can't get the lighting right in my room to get the camera to take nonblur :(

Anyways, Naked & Famous, Skinny girls, silk blend. 100+ wears since January, one wash, two hot soaks, sized down 2. (been rotating between three jeans)






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yes mam... only there on Tuesdays and Thursdays though.. next time I see a napping girl in front of HSS wearing N&F, I'm gonna guess thats you.

ah yeah, i'm only there MW in the lib arts building. look out for some sing&stone/apc too. i switch it up a bit (more like air them out)

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