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Guest devil.beside.you

I've always been a fan of Naked n Famous, and in my opinion it is THE BEST fit for women out there. Anyways, pics of my gf's indigo stretch Naked n Famous at 6 months of inconsistent wear

Mackage Leather n Spring boots


Hella vertical falling


Nice fading


The jeans were almost black when I got them for her. She absolutely loves em

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Guest devil.beside.you

she's not into whiskering, but there is def honey combing going on...something she didn't want, ironically. She just wanted a nice fitting pair of jeans that faded nicely without being real obvious about it.

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lol devilbeside you, she's got like no whiskering or knee fades goin on :P whats she do all day, stand still? haha. nice fit though

dude, these things are a bitch to get fading, nearly had mine a year and fading is minimal. i ran around the beach in these, sweated my ass of in paris for hours walking around and training it up everywhere...i hot soaked once when i first got to try to get some of the crazy amounts of dye away. almost to no avail, anything i put in the back pocket is blue all over.

i'm bout to get some rocks and go to town on these, i think i'll have a crotch blow out before i get a real good fade. oh well!

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do they have those proper x vans in red?? ive always wondered what those were...

Yeah, they do. Not too sure if they have any more though. You can always check.

too bad their website is terrible and no online ordering that i can see. shoes seem really cool.

Proper does do phone/email orders. You can also call them up to see what's in stock.


[email protected]

Shipping is $15 domestic, $35 for int'l.

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