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Raw for Women


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Any suggestions on a skinny taper/straight raw jean for girls...

-straight leg = not too big of a leg opening

-low rise



Looking for a 26/27 but if possible include the best choice for sizing...

can be from any where (rakuten included) ... also


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i've been looking for some for my girlfriend, too.

she wants to try it out, but she wants to lose a little more weight first so i guess she can wear them for a really really long time once she is at her desired weight...

i think i'm going to get her some new cures..

those skull jeans look dope, though.

anyone know anything about how those fit on women?

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ive had good experiences with acne hep raw as far as fit goes. they don't stretch out too much and are cut very well, but i wouldn't expect the greatest wear on it. the denim weight is too light to crease well or drape. it just hugs the body. buy these if you just like the look of raw denim.

ive also done slim jims. same deal as acne hep.

apc new cures are significantly more "square" or boxy cut, but ideal for every day wear and you'll get great fading.

here's how they fit on me:


those skull lindas look pretty appealing right now... i'm only a few months into the apcs but im already looking for my next project.

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I've got some APC new cures coming in for my lady friend.. probably will also pick up some Cheap Mondays and some Acnes. The APCs are a little boxy fitting but I think it looks pretty good, especially on narrower hips.

just remember to size down, with girls raw denim it's easier to work into a pair of tight pants over time, i have two pairs of apcs and the one pair fit me walking out out of the store, now they are too loose for my taste, the next pair i sized down, couldnt button the fly all way way so i slept in them for the first couple weeks to help stretch the hips out and now they are perfect. thank god for button flies.

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I bought a pair of the APC New Standards size 28 and thought they were too boxy and too loose. It was also a bit too high rise for my taste, so I exchanged it for a pair of Hipsters size 29. I still found them too baggy through the leg. Are they suppose to be straight leg? When I sit down there's too much room around the waistband but I don't think I could fit in a smaller size. I think having a big bum doesn't help. Now I've got a pair of APCs just sitting around that I'll never wear.

I'm in HK now so I'm gonna drop by APC and try on the New Cures and see how they fit. Personally I just think it's hard to find a pair of skinny/tight jeans that'll fit well on my hips and look good with my big booty.

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