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  1. Raw for Women

    I bought a pair of the APC New Standards size 28 and thought they were too boxy and too loose. It was also a bit too high rise for my taste, so I exchanged it for a pair of Hipsters size 29. I still found them too baggy through the leg. Are they suppose to be straight leg? When I sit down there's too much room around the waistband but I don't think I could fit in a smaller size. I think having a big bum doesn't help. Now I've got a pair of APCs just sitting around that I'll never wear. I'm in HK now so I'm gonna drop by APC and try on the New Cures and see how they fit. Personally I just think it's hard to find a pair of skinny/tight jeans that'll fit well on my hips and look good with my big booty.
  2. Clothing Storage/Humid Environment

    You can go to a Chinese or Japanese supermarket/store and try to find those closet dehumidifiers. They are like the little packets of silica gels but in a bigger package and made for closets. That's what I use.
  3. torontor: where to find boat shoes.

    There's a Rockport store at Eaton Centre. You should also take a look at Sperry Top-Sider. Great selection of boat shoes. http://www.sperrytopsider.com/
  4. The Best Slip-Ons

    I want to get this pair of Sperry slip-ons but they don't ship to Canada. Anyone know where else I can find them? Thanks.