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  1. lol forgot these were still in my drawer. bump for justice! btw i also have a pair of andewhall rakers from the very first time ande started selling on sufu! the nice black denim that ande hasnt been able to get again! pm me for details
  2. sorry dont know how to make the name of the product as the link. http://store.uniqlo.com/L4/getitem.asp?hdnItemMngCD=u36556&hdnSize=003&hdnLength=-&hdnColor=02&hdnBasket=1&hdnSyoriKbn=1&hdnTime=XVQAVQ16XDU&selNumber=1 http://store.uniqlo.com/L4/getitem.asp?hdnItemMngCD=u36518&hdnSize=003&hdnLength=-&hdnColor=36&hdnBasket=1&hdnSyoriKbn=1&hdnTime=HFZJEA26HMD&selNumber=1 http://store.uniqlo.com/L4/getitem.asp?hdnItemMngCD=u36558&hdnSize=003&hdnLength=-&hdnColor=42&hdnBasket=1&hdnSyoriKbn=1&hdnTime=KICM14IDKPH&selNumber=1 1x of each. Only one choice of color Small http://store.uniqlo.com/L4/getitem.asp?hdnItemMngCD=u44198&hdnSize=003&hdnLength=-&hdnColor=62&hdnBasket=1&hdnSyoriKbn=1&hdnTime=FDXH14DYFKB&selNumber=1 1x 62 light blue small http://store.uniqlo.com/L4/getitem.asp?hdnItemMngCD=u44148&hdnSize=003&hdnLength=-&hdnColor=23&hdnBasket=1&hdnSyoriKbn=2&hdnTime=Q21OISNJQVM&selNumber=1 1x 23 orange stripes. small i added the items to cart and final price was : 商品合計 6,590 送料 0 合計 6,590 (内消費税) (313)
  3. yea tapers quite abit imo. mine are becoming loose in the thighs but pretty slim in the calves. Wish they were slimmer in the thighs.
  4. just got my cardi from defiance. thanks man. Wow they run pretty big. hope mine shrinks.
  5. i know bears dont ship out of japan.
  6. those shoes are nice
  7. someone needs to post pics of fit.
  8. xviralx - S
  9. Are they comfortable? i did swear to stay away from converse after buying a pair of chucks. Most uncomfortable shoes ive ever worn.
  10. Sure! You may not know but you're doing me a big favour! Lol, was stressing over how to collect money from everyone. Inexperienced >.<. A member called "nickt" pmed me too. He said he cant seem to post on this thread but anyway he wants in.
  11. sure guys. however ive never planned this kind of bulk ordering thing before >.<. And i probably need to collect the money first in full. Just a student, dont have the capital to order first.
  12. yea, i calculated costs with vposts. Comes to about 40 sing for the cardigan. Which isnt worth it at all. With only 4 people ordering. Each cardi would cost 25. Bulk is the way to go imo.
  13. mmm couldnt find any other sg related thread to post this. http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=24677 12 bucks for the aa cardigan! shipping for one is 20 us which is kinda high. but i tried increasing the quantity to like 50 and shipping stayed the same. Anyone wanna do a bulk order?
  14. just received my 27 new standards from denimbar. Normally a 29. Wow these are baggy already.
  15. hey plongin where do you pick up your shoes? see you buying so many nice kicks all the time