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What are you wearing today? (pics only)


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Posting for a friend who hasn't joined because he cant think of a cool name.

I think it's

C&C(you guys' fave!) / Cheap Monday Latjo Laban / Vans Prison Issue


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dcrevolution-good stuff, nice to see you switching up the denim, thats a good fit on those IMO. that flannels on point too.

hdsy- great first waywt, this samurais look awesome and those are some dope eras

Usual stuff for me..been wearing these kicks pretty frequently since snow and suede don't mix too well..


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Brooks Brothers vintage sweater vest

Brooks Brothers vintage button up

APC New standards

L.L. Bean wool socks

Converse optic white lo-tops

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my first time posting.

i think i need to learn how to use the camera first (the sad part is, i'm japanese).


+snap-button p-coat from nordtroms old lady's section.

+american apparel.



today was my celebrating the come-back of my 8yr old creepers. i forgot i owned a pair!

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