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  1. Last Active Sep 25 2011 05:15 PM. this is unacceptable

  2. waywt caption edition

    sold it for camera gear
  3. Superswap v5

    I got a very nice package from prokart yesterday. Perfectly chosen contents. Lots of great objects from Taiwan that give me a new sense of somewhere I've never been. Thanks, partner! The package arrives: The contents are revealed: ceramic incense holder, handmade recycled notebook, three sages, ?mystery bubble?, wood-burned postcard, matchbox Three men continue their eternal discourse on filial piety in their new home: Turns out the ?mystery bubble? is a tiny hand-cranked vacuum...I think!
  4. Superswap v5

    Sorry buddy, your package is going to be small and compact.
  5. state your beer, drinkers

    Had the Bruery Berliner Weisse (sans syrup of course), Hottenroth, recently. Fantastic.
  6. Superswap v5

    No smokes, no meat. Just send me some gnarled wood.
  7. Clothing for The Great Outdoors

    Oh gosh do I want these:
  8. Superswap v5

    I would love to do this again.
  9. Recent Purchases. . .

    Additionally, who wants a soggy meat helmet adhered to their head? Gotta vent that scalp sweat somehow. I got a pair of Outlier 4season pants recently in the above light grey. They have a slight purple tinge to them, which was unexpected, and I've already gotten a crotch tear. Heads up for those interested, a bit iffy in the performance department, they do look nice for everyday wear, however.
  10. Oxford Shirts

    An oxford should not be worn untucked. Don't let Inventory Magazine convince you otherwise.
  11. WAYWT Shoes Edition

    Doc Martens 1461
  12. waywt? saved my life

    They all drank the Kool Aid in the end, though.
  13. waywt? saved my life

    Don't worry dude, it was just a noise show in a church.
  14. waywt? saved my life

    Organ master.
  15. Henrik Vibskov F/W 2011 Paris

    I would grip this jacket/pullover in a heartbeat. Ripping off the Patagonia fleece jacket, perfect.