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  1. (eden)

    taiwan :: taipei :: shopping

    what about for Nudies and APC
  2. (eden)

    taiwan :: taipei :: shopping

    Any place for good jeans in Taipei?
  3. (eden)

    Hong Kong!

    some one should mention SEIBU at Pacific Place in Admiralty and LANE CRAWFORD in TST and Pacific Place. Also, there's TAKE 5 for Japanese denim in TST and of course HARVEY NICHOLS in LANDMARK in Central.
  4. Looking for jeans similar to NUDIE THIN FINN, but with a narrower Yoke.
  5. (eden)

    what do I wear with these???

    what are berms?
  6. (eden)

    what do I wear with these???

    I went back to the store, and tried to return them... they explained that they couldnt accept me returning a worn shoe... and they did it sooo micely, i ended up getting a pair of brown leather topsiders... so today, I am wearing my Nudie Thin Finns cuffed and they look good...
  7. (eden)

    what do I wear with these???

    I live in Hong Kong, so unless you do too, I dont think I can sell them to you... I think I'm gonna need to buy some baggier khakis or jeans for this shoe...
  8. I got a pair of brown Clarks Originals and when I tried them on in the store, they looked fina as I was wearing shorts... When I got home, and tried them on with my jeans they looked hideous... Now I am really regretting my choice... What kind of jeans should I wear these with??? I tried them on with NUDIE THIN FINNS and they look weird... I tried them on with baggier NOM de Guerre, and they still look weird... HELP!! http://thumbnail.image.rakuten.co.jp/@0_mall/washington/cabinet/clarks-l/clarks6714-26d.jpg
  9. (eden)

    What are you wearing today? (pics only)

    Liberty rose dress shirt Vivienne westwood sweater McQueen Jeans white chuck taylors j.Lindeberg leather jacket